#Candid ” A conversational message” Massage your man’s ego

This is a candid conversation regarding the present state of Black/African American families as viewed by a fellow young black man and myself. His real name is protected for confidentiality purposes.

Please read below and provide any feedback.

KD ♊ – It’s these “gender roles” that have been mixed up because of how the black community had been affected over the course of the 1900’s

Thank you!! It started with the slave trade and continues. Once the man was ripped away from the families the woman was sexually objectified and taught to hate and oppress her fellow black man

KD ♊ – And men going to war, dying, and/or being in the streets and dying or going to jail that made women the man and woman of the households.

I agree however I understand and know that women need to learn how and when to “be the woman” because too many often times are trying to be the man, while saying they want or need one!

Women need to go back to ” having dinner ready, doing their own daughters hair, doing majority of the housework minus repairs” to reduce the stress on her male spouse ” within reason” of course.

It’s hard on men especially black men to just be men. We should lighten their loads especially where children are involved if we want him to be the “provider!”

I’m all about being fair. Men go through a lot that women never go through. Everything is given to us with little to no effort on our part to obtain or maintain it

We’ve spent centuries breaking the man down it’ll lifetimes to fully rebuild him.

KD♊ – We’re in gender competition now rather than gender encouragement.


KD♊ – But it is possible if everyone becomes conscious. Like you said, it’ll take more time to build it than it took to break it down.

It can happen if we as a people truly desire it more than the farces of wealth and happiness we pride ourselves in.

Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Share your thoughts below…