#SpecialNeeds — #Autism #Parenting Quality time whether it’s “my time or our time”

Raising a child generally can be challenging, yet raising a child with “special needs” is overwhelming and exhausting!

I, myself have a “special need” if you will called Bipolar; it’s a double whammy!

I feel as though my days run into each other at times.

Often times my husband and I look exhausted. We are exhausted.

We’ve learned to “set the mood” at home although as Jr gets older and establishes more friends, we’re looking for to the opportunities where he’ll be going on outings and we’ll resume our couples specific outings.

We love Jr. Jr loves us. We love each other. We have to “make” time to express and indulge in them all.

We mix and match methods. Lately, we’ve both grown fond of “home movies date night!” We take Jr out to the movie because that’s his preference.

Last summer his father took him swimming. I intend on joining this year and I’m praying Jr and I learn to swim. Jr’s closer than I am though LOL

I’ve also decided in advance to plan outings with my friends and family with their children, especially those who also have “special needs!”

We also take pride in taking advantage of our downtime by: napping; giving each other massages; taking warm baths with scented Epsom salts; we spice up things in the bedroom and we do it spontaneously; we spend time with friends or family members and more.

We can do this. You can do this. Don’t stress about it. Think about what you want. Plan to get what you can have within reason. Make the space and time to indulge within reason and respect to your lifestyle and the responsibilities it entails.