Wanting the most, while giving or accommodating the least

One of my motto’s is: “The very presences/relationships we say we want or need the most, are those we’re the least willing to maintain and accommodate!”

I’ve accepted that with many people “it’s easier to receive than to give!”

Whereas for myself, it’s easier to give than to receive, because then I feel obligated to reciprocate similarly.

I’ve asked people to visit my blog, leave comments, utilize the ad’s, recommend topics, etc “for free” because it only will cost them “some” of their social networking time that they’re going to spend or waste mostly on insignificant matters.

Yet, these same people haven’t acknowledged my request and obviously they haven’t obliged either!

However they’re quick to “invite me” to one of their costly events. Yet they aren’t willing to accommodate ensuring my presence is included!

Currently I don’t own a vehicle yet “I make time” to visit with people who accommodate my presence in one capacity or another and who don’t make me feel bad about what I’m currently incapable of doing.

I’ve only had a few people actually “pick me up, etc” to ensure my presence was accommodated, yet when I drove if it was appropriate or within my means I’d accommodate those I wanted with me.

I have learned that people do “what they want, with whom or for whom they want, how they want, when and where they want!”

I simply don’t value people who don’t match or at least compliment my efforts and accomplishments.

Start “doing unto others as they do unto you” as I’m doing and don’t feel bad.

Once things for me improve I will support those that at this time I’m unable to “who are deserving of and thankful for!”

For those who haven’t supported me up to that point, it’ll be duly noted and I’ll move forward knowing where we stand.

My message is: be willing to “humble” yourself or “help” someone else if you value their presence and want their support.

Sometimes you have to organize a carpool, giveaway free samples, give people a few dollars as an incentive, and more.

People shouldn’t always have to “spend” money to support you, especially when you won’t “make” (spare) time to support them for free!

Many of your business tactics now are indicative of how selfish and self centered you’ll be in the future.

Learn to appreciate the blessings that come from giving more than taking or balancing out the two.

I’m done with y’all for now.. I’m livid about this ignorance.


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