Worrisome Women….

Lmao it’s true, especially for me I hate feeling as if I’m inconveniencing you “in any way” so say if you want me to or not!

Say “exactly how you feel!”

“Just be direct and honest with me!”

Lmao it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it though, because a man answers a woman’s question sufficiently just not “specifically” how she wanted him to..

That’s usually the issue we can’t accept a man’s response if it’s not “identical to what we’ve envisioned or specific to our preferences!

We as women have to not only learn but reach a point of being able to accept “a man” for being who he is. That’s regardless of what we want or may even need him to be!

My husband isn’t a “talker” he’s a doer. The ten years we’ve been together I often find myself, checking myself on how “I feel” about his responses and actions.

My husband will verbally respond or engage in conversation with me, but it’s rare it’s “specifically” how I want.

Yet, It’s always “sufficient!” Now if I choose to be petty and focus only on what he didn’t say in what way, I’ll miss what he actually said they holds value.

Once I’ve eased up on my preferences for at least our communication, I begin to be helped by him. I began to understand, compliment and accommodate him within reason and respect to my own needs, responsibilities and wants.

I urge you women to “keep calm and carry on!”

If you’ve got a man whose “communicating” with you especially one who keeps loving, while coming home to and supporting you; be grateful.

There’s a lot of women suffering in silence. The man that comes home doesn’t even acknowledge them, there’s no conversations only arguments. There’s no sex only cold shoulders. There’s hardly any direct contact or co existing.

I’m NOT by any means saying “settle” yet I AM saying “be grateful for what and who you have!”

I’m saying “assist with or suggest” improvements without being overbearing.

If there’s “deal breakers” then fold and move on. Don’t be a pest. Don’t try and “make him say, do, or be all of what you want!”

Be thankful God created a man to satisfy all your needs!

Lmao Women are that complicated. Seriously, I often wonder how Adam’s descendants have survived alongside Eve’s this long? Hmm although many men have been brought down by the very women who were predestined to uplift and support them..

IJS don’t be a worrisome woman. Don’t hang with them either…. Because birds of a feather flock together…