Farce of “Friends”

My mother Janice Gladden Tyler Memorial was and is still my BFF! I talk with her daily because I’ve learned “women and men lie” but time doesn’t! Oh lord do “women well females lie!” They’ll “avoid topics, lie to your face for years I’m talking 12+” oh men hmm they lie but it’s usually after you haven’t accepted their truth (in my experiences) Time always tell who prevails!

I’ve never expected anymore from “anyone” than I’d give of myself in any aspect or situation; yet I seem to be surrounded by 95% those who “prefer to use you for their convenience or fixation” yet have no loyalty to maintaining the convenience or fixation, even if it’s a farce.

I’m also appalled at the “arrogant” lack of a honest direct response “grown people” are virtually incapable of providing because to their core, their children still engaged in “school yard foolery!” I see y’all.

I’m not impressed nor amused. I’m no longer concerned with or accommodating to “friends!”

I’m taking heed of those who are “consistent, honest and loyal” a title means nothing, if the story (lifestyle) doesn’t match.

Many of you “don’t know me!”

You “knew” me during a time in my life.

Others don’t like me, you’re intrigued by me.

Very few actually “love, respect and support me!”

It’s duly noted. I’m me.

I’m honest, consistent and loyal. I give nothing less than I expect, trust me! 

Remember they’ll never be another #Tiffany #Virgo #HBIC me.