Feel how you feel, but only deal with what’s real!


In life, we’ll be faced with people and situations that will make us angry, hurt, depressed, happy etc. Yet these feelings that we feel aren’t always what needs to be dealt with.

I’ve learned that I can “feel how I feel, but only deal with what’s real” by not allowing my emotions to overpower my intelligence in any situation with anyone!

I’ve learned the hard way that every action doesn’t require a reaction from me. I’ve also learned happily that it’s not a weakness to take the high road!

I’ve seen my strength resonate in taking the high road and turning the other cheek.

There’s certain types of people who’ll only respond to the ignorance that physical violence breeds.

The intellectuals know that violence isn’t an option unless “inevitable” based on the situation and consequences.

Once a person or situation proves “counter productive” discard your feelings of being hurt, disappointed, etc and start dealing with what you can do going forward to increase and maintain your productivity!

Thinking too long or pondering too hard about how you feel, WILL hinder if not totally consume you!

Trust me, I know from my own experiences!

Process those emotions quickly and get back to business. Never let a person or situation get the best of you.

Learn to truly let go and let God deal with those people.

If you’re blessed, God will allow you to witness their downfall in one form or another. God disciplines us all in his own way in due time.

Don’t be consumed by your anger, hurt, or even your happiness.

Meaning stay “level headed” don’t become so overwhelmed with emotion, you aren’t thinking or acting properly.