A Guilty Conscience Never Fails

I’m loving the surfacing of the guilty conscience! 

Lately, I’ve enjoyed making statements watching the crowd go wild!

I’m Lmao because I’m sitting back looking pretty, while you’re truly upset!

You’re not even worth confronting because it’s clear you’re incapable of comprehending what I’m speaking of, stand for, and am capable of, changing your lifestyle or at the least bit progressing intellectually!

Your actions, lifestyle and reactions are a revolving door!

You’ve all got me Lmao

Those who are guilty are quick to respond in “their defense or based on their arrogance!”

Those who didn’t intentionally do something malicious kept calm and carried on!

Lmao at reactions to actions.

“A guilty conscience never fails, especially since the truth always prevails!”

I love being me!

I love knowing who I am, what I stand for and am capable of!

#Tiffany 💍
#Virgo ♍

It’s funny how the very people you’d take a bullet for are usually the one behind the trigger waiting for the perfect opportunity to give you “friendly fire!”

Stay behind enemy lines at all times.

With intellectuals it’s always about the principle, those who are ignorant will never understand this.

They’ll only accept what’s within their limited  capabilities to comprehend.

Don’t waste time trying to “clarify or justify” your intellectual actions to the reactions of an ignorant person.

You’ll waste a lot of time and energy while they occupy space in your life, that could be put to better use.

Trust me, I know from my own experiences.

Those “on your level” (intellectually) will be in your life effortlessly.

They’ll compliment your strengths and accommodate your weaknesses.

They’ll renew your way of thinking. They’ll make you want to not only do better, but be better!

Those who aren’t on your level (intellectually) will reek havoc in your life! They’ll have you “back sliding” without realizing you’ve even moved.

You’ll feel good momentarily but you’ll walk around with guilt of not maximizing on your full potential because you’re over indulge in the reliving of the past and the mediocre excuse filled living of the present.

Live as I do by my motto “give as you expect to receive, receive as you anticipate to reciprocate!”

Most importantly be honest, consistent, and accountable, trust me…. You’ll never have a guilty conscience!