Chivalry and Modesty aren’t dead, it’s just “trifle and promiscuity” are widely accepted!


Let me say, it’s so many poor excuses for men and women running around it’s ridiculous!

Trust me when I tell you ” Chivalry and Modesty aren’t dead, it’s just “trifle and promiscuity” are widely accepted!”

I say that because there are still gentlemen and ladies out here who pride themselves in being as chivalrous and modest as their flesh, upbringing/morals, and affiliations will allow them.

Then there’s those who thrive off “trifle and promiscuity!” They don’t know anything but that.

When you come “sincerely being polite or helpful” they’ll automatically assume “you’re just like the rest!”

But my true question is “how different are they?” If they’re assuming you’re like the rest. How would they know if they haven’t experienced the rest?

Or are they reflecting their own fears and insecurities onto you, to avoid facing them?

Who knows? Who really cares?

I don’t. Neither should you.

Those who are on your intellectual level at the very least, won’t “misinterpret nor read into” your polite surface actions.

Yet, the ones who have a lot of deep seated issues, fears, and insecurities WILL I repeat WILL blow the most innocent of actions or intentions out of context.

In these instances I’d like you men and women to accept their inability to receive you and move on.

You’ll attract naturally what you put out into the world. No need to force it. No need to get down about those who are incapable of comprehending or receiving it.

I’d like to thank all the chivalrous men who’ve held a door with no sexual intentions underlying. I’d also like to thank all the men I’ve ever smiled at and replied hello or have a great day to, that didn’t pursue me further.

On behalf of the men and myself in some instances, I’d like to thank the women who’ve smiled and said thank you for doors being held open, or politely declining an offer to sit down etc.

People you can’t always assume a person speaking to you or offering to help wants more.

I used to “think” any male speaking to or offering to help me; had to want something…. my good good… That so was not the case.

I’ve been hurt following those so called innocent encounters so as a means to “weed out” the corrupt ones I’d give off attitude or ignore them as a defense.

What a waste.

But… Was I right?

I understand it often appears that way, but honestly can you believe everything you see?


With the mind controlling judgement often times you’ll see what you choose to accept as seeing because of your thoughts.

I.e., you see your BFF boyfriend out at dinner with a female (you’ve secretly thought he was a cheater) so to you, you’re believing what you’re seeing and you snap a pic and text it to your friend. Now she confronts him, only for you both to be embarrassed and her now heartbroken because he dumped her after learning he was watched and accused, when come to find out it was an distant cousin from two states over whose been a family secret because of addiction issues for sometime.

Now that’s an exaggerated situation that I’ve heard of being and seen be in a similar aspect realistic.

Take everyone for face value until they give you sufficient reason not to.

There’s still a lot of great people in the world, that you’ll never meet or keep if your closed mind is attached to a cold body that maintains a cold closed heart and folded arms!

Open up.. Enjoy the great things great people have to offer!