Trust…. Once it’s lost, can it ever be regained? If so, fully or partially?


I have extreme trust issues, that stem from my tumultuous upbringing.

Even those I’ve “confided in or depended on” I don’t fully trust.

I trust God 100%! Although I’ve never met or seen him; I’m certain he’s there. I trust myself. I have “learned” to trust a few people.

People I’ve met and continuously seen have let me down. I can depend on them to be themselves, but I can’t trust them to be in my best interest 100%.

I say that because even I at times can’t trust myself to be in my own best interest 100%! So, why would I fool myself into believing I can trust someone else to be?

Why would anyone else try to convince me that they “realistically” could be?

Come on…. Be real.

Now, the people who impacted me the most are those I’ve “learned to trust against my ESP, facts gathered and warnings from others”  only to be given numerous reasons why I shouldn’t be acknowledging them.
One lesson to learn from me is: “if you feel this person isn’t to be trusted regardless of what you’d like to do, they usually aren’t!”

Your gut is your “human scanner” it’s being ignored and that’s why many of us suffer… From trusting

Have you ever been sitting next to or talking with someone and get literally sick?

Mind you, you were feeling great or at least content and calm before!

These are your triggers.

They’re forewarning you of danger ahead.

Of course, I’ve earned and lost the trust of others. People have earned and lost my trust.

The level of trust that can’t be fully regained is betrayal and defamation. Once a person betrays you especially through the act of defaming your character by spreading rumors or revealing truths; is a person who should cease to exist to you.

Lying is bad. Honestly many people have told “a white lie or two” so that aspect of trust, is situational.

Inconsistency, poor time management and turnaround time is another aspect of trust many people often overlook. People who are inconsistent, have poor time management overall but especially poor turnaround time for completing or responding to things are 90% of the time liars; therefore making them untrustworthy.

Take heed to people’s behaviors more than you accommodate your feelings for them and you’ll have a stress less life!

Don’t ignore those “gut feelings” even if you initially don’t have tangible evidence to support, because “in due time” the truth will prevail because time will tell.

Those you can trust have a different impact on your body.

There’s a sense of calm and security when you’re with or speak to the person or people.

You have been through the worst without people ever knowing. Now some are basking in the best together.

You can feel who you can trust, long before you do.

You know (feel) when to cut off your trust and ties with a person or people.

Take this with you…. NEVER and I mean NEVER trust anyone with any information or weaknesses of yours that if publicly repeated you can’t proudly or honestly defend.

There’s many enemies disguised as friends waiting on an opportunity to betray the trust….

Only those true friends who are more like family will do their best to ensure that trust is protected and maintained even if you disagree or choose to part ways.