#Marriage Is he ready? Am I ready? More importantly is it in God’s will for either of us?


What does marriage mean to a man? Is it the same meaning for a woman? If so, why aren’t more people married or why are so many divorced?

Will we ever know?

I know a few men who’ve said once they’ve had children things changed between them and their spouse, so they know things will change once they’re married.

I believe a lot of men also fear the control and obligation that it entails because they’ve grown accustomed to being committed without the obligation.

A lot of women often push the men for marriage, but are they marriage material?

Are they ready?

Are they looking for validation?

Once “some” men are obligated they get nervous because it’s almost as if they fear the responsibility and accountability that marriage entails.

“Some” Women become consumed by the “idea” of marriage, like the name/title, tax benefits, entry into certain circles, jewelry, and more…

I know men who’ve said they do “think of/desire getting married” yet the woman they’re with isn’t their “marriage prototype” and because they do enjoy the relationship they fear being honest would ruin it.

Despite the fact not being honest will ruin it eventually anyway.

Other men simply are certain that they’re not getting married and won’t be pressured into it.

I actually met “one” who said he isn’t having any kids.

I was shocked! I was amused! I couldn’t believe he was serious.

He was.

As he explained how women are, I honestly agreed with 98% of what he said.

The other 2% was for women like myself who pride themselves on being honest, consistent, accountable, loving, caring, helpful etc

I’ve not met a woman that doesn’t want to get married.

I’ve heard there are some though.

What about the men who want to get married but the woman they want to marry isn’t ready, she won’t act right so he can’t propose, etc.?

Do these men stay?

Do they try and force them into marriage?

I’ve seen men miss out on marriage with one woman and end up in a detrimental marriage with another.

I’ve also seen men struggle with their love for their wife and their general lust for women, or their cheating wife, while maintaining a farce of a happy marriage.

I’ve seen marriages that appear “pure” I only say appear because I’m not certain as I’m an outsider and can only judge based on what I’ve seen.

I’ve seen so many scenarios that I digress.

The truth is that a man whose truly interested in marrying you will let you know. Once he’s ready and believes you are.

You won’t have to guess.

You won’t have to propose.

A man of God knows his role and will carry it out fully once his mind and heart are on one accord.

Remember it has to first be in God’s will for you and the person you’re with.

If it’s not, then it won’t happen.

Our plans aren’t God’s plans.

We as humans often lose sight of the reality that God rules all things on Earth and in Heaven, which means your free will has no power over or against the Almighty Father God!

We ALL aren’t destined to be married. Just like all women aren’t meant to be mother’s. I know mother’s who obviously chose to be for all the wrong reasons. I know women like myself who struggle with infertility and often feel “less than” because we can’t “mass produce” children. I know other women who are clueless to infertility issues.

Like ALL men aren’t meant to be builders, father’s, etc…

Again “IF” it’s in God’s will for you, it will come to you.

However you should be “living” in the way that would attract such a spouse, whose interested in living a full life with you.

Stop entertaining temporary ungodly people, when you desire a permanent situation with a child of God!

When I was single I used to pray to God that if he made me a mother, please make the father especially of my first child, ((God blessing it be a boy)) a man of God therefore husband material.
Well low and behold. I’ve got it and “in that order!”

My husband courted me, he’s also a Baptist, and we bore a son. What’s funny is I wrote this prophecy out, but that’s another blog post so I digress..

It came unexpectedly and at a cost LOL he came from a large family. He created a large family of his own.

It was overwhelming initially.

It rarely bothers me. Now I’m grateful for the experiences throughout the marriage.

I’m grateful that I expressed my desire to be a mother, married at least ten years etc and  I’m grateful to God for blessing me the way he did, with who he did.

Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, you must “possess” the characteristics (spirit) that you wish to get from your spouse, especially the one you see yourself marrying.

If God isn’t first in your thoughts etc, you’ll always be last!

Understand what God has for you no man can put asunder. What isn’t for you, you’ll never get it. If you keep trying to get what’s not for you, you will die trying.



#Autism #Advocacy and what that means to me


My #Autism Advocacy began in 2010, after my son Jr was diagnosed with Autism; high functioning with a speech delay.

Please note I’ve advocated for Mental Health Illnesses and Special Needs/Developmental Delays since 1999; upon being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders I and II myself.

From 2010, going forward I’ve since prided myself with remaining abreast to the laws, events, businesses supporting, businesses employing and more surrounding individuals with Autism and their families and professionals in the field.

My goal is to throughout my life “educate” people by choice or force.

By choice meaning you “are intrigued by me, so you seek out information about me etc” by force because you’ll see and respect the accomplishments that I make through my son and as an individual!

Whether you like my tone, approach, methods etc.

I’ve assisted other parents with coming to terms with the diagnosis and what the behavioral characteristics it identifies, the resources, therapeutic and educational services entails.

I’ve taken part in bombarding NY Officials regarding the #AvonteLaw, unfortunately following the disappearance and death of Avonte Oquendo; a severely Autistic teenager.

The #AvonteLaw ensures residents receives “monitoring devices” for their Special Needs child. The device is optional. Please Google Avonte Law for details.

I’ve also opened the minds of educators inside and outside my son’s school regarding their methods.

Every second of everyday I think of ways to improve not only my son’s life, but the lives of others.

My expertise is with children who aren’t severely Autistic although in the near future I’m looking to obtain additional education and work experience working with those who are severe.

However, despite that limitation I’ve made major progress with my child.

I’ve assisted people with their children.

My desire is for Jr to be “independent” with a sense of normalcy in his life.

I’d love for him to be self employed one day, as I’m currently resuming my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Yet, honestly I’d still be proud to see him go straight through high school, into college, living independently and maintaining gainful employment that’s outside of entry level or the retail industry.
I often become livid because I’ve seen more “disabled” individuals in entry level positions, usually in the retail industry.

I become livid because think of my motto “Autism isn’t a disability, it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!”

With that being said, I believe they should be in the “corporate industry and if in the retail or hospitality industries, they get to management/supervisory level!”

I still see “discrimination” even within the “appearance of compliance = a farce” regarding the Disabilities Act.

I believe employers are intimidated!

No! Actually, I know they are from my own experiences.

I know….. they can’t take the fact that most of the “disabled” are “enabled” with skills they couldn’t buy!!

I mean their minds are amazing.

I often find myself Lmao because Jr’s only going to be 8 years old in May, yet he’s more intelligent and intuitive than many adults I know or have known.

He understands things that I struggle with. Like he recently learned “Perimeters” in school. I “hate” math!! Ugh LOL

If it’s not counting my money, I can’t get it! It’s a mental block.

Mind you I was about to Google how to.. And he said “Mommy I know how to do it, let me show you.”

He did. I was shocked and impressed. Shocked because usually Jr needs to refresh his memory before he can “independently” complete an assignment involving a new skill learned.

However, I was impressed because once we’d checked online and with his father, Jr was right!!

I am happy with the progress we’ve made the past four years. I look forward to making more progress.

I look forward to continuing to live and lead by example.

I look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of everyone I encounter.

I look forward to teaching you all by choice or force.

I pray you all become “content” with knowing our children were chosen to make a difference in the world.

Never be discouraged, always be encouraged.

Learn my motto and remember it..

“Autism isn’t a disability, it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!”


#Autism “Anti Bullying, Anti Abuse!” How can we protect them from those meant to “protect and serve?”


I’m a mother of a seven year old diagnosed with Autism. Although Jr previously had a speech delay, speech therapy has helped him overcome that deficiency. He’s considered high functioning, there are times where he still may not behave or respond appropriately. By appropriately I mean “normal in regards to what the world wants or assumes it should be!”

Jr will too one day be an adult, who may behave or respond “suspiciously” in one aspect or another.

However when you’re dealing with someone whose severely disabled, specifically severely Autistic, it’s a guarantee and they need protection where they lack in understanding or compliance.

The article stated he was wearing a badge that identified his conditions to diffuse if not completely prevent incidents like this, especially with “officers of the law!”

How do we as parents, professionals or advocates protect them from those meant to “protect and serve?”

How do we create and implement procedures that will protect the disabled, but not enable criminals to get away with crimes because of loopholes?

I believe many different things should have happened.

In any event, their use of excessive force was out of line!

They didn’t have anything “substantial” to even arrest him for, nor was he violent towards them.

This is a monstrosity! I’m appalled at their lack of common sense and professional training I’d assume they’d have in their position.

I’m praying that he can calm down and regain his confidence to not only begin going outside again, but trusting the police.

This reminds me of Jr being jumped on by a dog in our back one day as we were coming in from grocery shopping.

He’d been knocked down in the dirt, he screamed as if he were being cut and the dog wasn’t biting him or anything; just trying to lick his face from what I saw in the split second before I began kicking it’s face.

Jr wasn’t the same for a long time. Now that I think about it, he still doesn’t like dogs he’s learned to suppress his obvious fears of them.

He can now be in the same vicinity of a dog and remain calm. He’s even pet his my oldest cousin’s dog approximately three years ago and an ex friend of mine two years ago.

He still doesn’t like being around or near them long. He can’t stand their smell, even those who are clean.

I believe that’s a combination of his sinus and sensory issues.

I’m praying for this young man’s family as well as his sanity.  👼

I can only imagine what’s going on in his head. I can only imagine how afraid he must be, of the very people besides his parents, teachers, and friends he was taught he could trust; that have brutally beat him unjustifiably.

But when are you, especially as law enforcement really justified to beat someone?

It’s terrible.

Please pray for them. I hope they get reprimanded to the fullest extent their organization’s disciplinary action will allow!

They no longer deserve to be “officers of the law, anywhere in the world ever again!” There’s no excuse to excuse this!

What are your thoughts?


I think and live #HBIC therefore I am. My presence speaks for itself.






Since I could speak, write and walk I’ve been a driving force.

My mere presence commands attention even when I’m doing my best to avoid it.

Having ESP (extra sensory perception) I know what lies before me. Often I go against my better judgement in an attempt to be open-minded, to a fault.

I’ve learned the hard way, to trust God first, my instincts (ESP) second and people’s actions last. See I know that “the mouth says anything the brain tells it to” which means you’ve got folks out here with the gift of gab. They’re master mannequins!

Since age seven I’ve used “bitch” as a positive word to represent the fact that I’m an executor. I can be bitchy at times when doing so. I love to control. I love helping others. I love order. I love seeing progress. I hate ignorance especially that’s directly accompanied by arrogance! I hate materialistic people. I hate ostentatious people. I hate liar’s. I hate, haters; be and do you already!

So when my own father got upset with me (at age seven) because “he failed to follow a rule he, his mother, and I set forth” for me regarding the location for soiled linens (dirty laundry).

He was upset because I didn’t go into his room and pick up his soiled linens. I began to politely explain: “Daddy I washed everything that was in the hamper in the bathroom where we all agreed to put our clothes. I noticed your clothes weren’t in there. So that to me meant you didn’t need your clothes washed.”

He said: “Listen I’m your father, you get an allowance so why exclude me regardless of where the clothes weren’t!”

Now I’m livid because my #Aries father could be so ignorant and childish I’m not certain often times what my #Leo mother saw in him other than they were highly sexual and he was a Chef prior to her being incapacitated.

Back to the topic LOL my father didn’t see my face change. What I said next shocked even me because it came out effortlessly.

I said: “Listen Wilton I know who you are to me, but I don’t have to work …. legally at that, until I’m 16! I do a lot around here that your mother no longer for herself, you or me! Don’t give me shit about you lacking!”

So he “bright eyed and bushy tailed” replies: “you little bitch! Ohh that mouth, smart always, just like your damned mother! Listen you little bitch you’ll do as I say! What? You think you run things around here?!”

I stepped back and geared up for the spanking I knew was coming and said: “Obviously I do Wilton, our clothes are clean and yours aren’t, correct? So, just to remind you don’t disrespect my mother ever again or it’s a war! I’ll be the “Head Bitch In Charge” throughout my life! Thank you anything else?

He smacked me down.

I hit the floor and jumped right back up.

He said: “go to your fucking room. I’ll be back later!”

So the #HBIC alter ego was born. From that moment I knew my power and from that moment on I’ve used it alongside my faith in God and ESP!

I maintain control in my life and those who wish to enter or remain in it.

Especially wherever I live! I demand respect. You don’t give it, you are dismissed!

I “give as I expect to receive and I receive as I anticipate to reciprocate!” Nothing more and nothing less.

I don’t apologize for being a “bitch” because that’s just a synonym for executor; In my opinion.

I don’t apologize for “seeing through people and their bullshit!”
I won’t retract statements I’ve made about or to people regarding my opinions of  and facts gathered on them!

All opinions expressed outwardly are based on facts!

Trust my private thoughts would give you pause.

I don’t deal in how I feel!

I deal ONLY in what’s real.

Facts….. which are inclusive of repetitive actions and inconsistencies for many people.

There’s only a few (like myself) whose facts are inclusive of “consistency, loyalty, fidelity, honesty, and accountability!”

I only deal with “consistent, loyal, faithful, honest and accountable” people who are on my intellectual and spiritual levels!

All others must go.

I may know you, but you knew me! The person you met no longer exists. The person you’ve hurt, tried to defame, hinder etc no longer exists!

In order to “be content and successful” in life you must think and live, therefore being!

Don’t allow anyone especially these “loved ones, friends, etc” make you feel less than you feel in your spirit and know in your heart that you are!

Had I listened to people, especially my own father who mind you was a whore, crack and cocaine abuser, plus a frivolous spender; I wouldn’t be here today.

Honestly, had I allowed their “hate, disbelief, envy, etc” enter into my spirit it would’ve corrupted me and I’m certain I would’ve killed myself.

I’ve had my days now.. Please note that. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders I and II with PTSD and trust me they’ve said I wouldn’t do 90% of what I’ve done to date with the exception of a few things that as I’m blogging they are manifesting!

I have a son now diagnosed with Autism. I’m married. I’ve maintained relationships with constituents. I’ve repaired a few personal relationships with family and friends. Others I have no interest in rectifying at all.

Again I’m in love with being who I am. I’m ok with everyone not liking me. My own father didn’t “like me” per say, so why would I care if you don’t Lmao.

I urge you to keep praying asking God to guide you in all that you do and with those you choose to do it with.

Pay attention and trust your “gut” that stomach tug, feeling of nausea, sweaty palms, sweaty armpits etc are God’s internal alarm warning you of impending danger!

Start paying attention.

Trust me. You’ll be better off.

I cut people off 98% of the time when I “know” their full of shit (disloyal, dishonest, inconsistent, envious, and conniving!) without a warning or providing them closure.

Even recently I’ve “attempted” to explain my stance to a female I’ve known for years, intellectually didn’t compliment me at all. I found myself always trying to “teach her” in one aspect or another.

My point is ” most people even those who get close to you, won’t understand you parting ways!” Especially when they grew accustomed to using, lying to and manipulating you and they’re not willing to be honest about or change it!

These people will “try to bring you down” they’ll try to defame you, they’ll try to block your blessings, some may even be in a position to temporarily hinder you spiritually or physically because of the distress they’ve caused.

Take it from the seven year old “woman” and please remember my motto. Recite it daily and begin living by it.

“People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑

Stepping stones get you where you need and want to be.

Speed bumps allow you to travel your road safely “forcing you to proceed with caution” on certain roads or while traveling with certain people.

Road blocks are setup to “force you to change course” sometimes there’s a reasonable detour setup other times you’ll end up venturing and “learning a new way” of getting places..

Keep in mind also “planes take off against the wind; not with it!”

Don’t ever be discouraged. Be who in your heart you know God has destined you to be. Seek the blessings that are for you based on God’s will for your life!

I think and live #HBIC therefore I am. My presence speaks for itself.
I am, #Tiffany 💍 #HBIC 👑 #Virgo ♍.

What others think of me, has never mattered.

What only matters is what God see’s in and does through me.


TRULY living by faith!



All my life “I’ve known there was something exceptional” about me! I’ve known that I have a gift and that one day it’ll manifest completely to the extent of bringing in monetary gain for that gift!

I’ve traveled a long and tumultuous road to say the least, but I’ve always kept my faith in, reverence for God 1st and foremost in all that I do in life.

I know that “being blessed” isn’t about having an easy life, a lot money, a nice car, etc. It’s more about “Your spirit (character) and the way in which it resonates in your thoughts, actions, reactions even down to your intentions.

You must remain “faithful to and dependent on” God at all times and in all things.

Once you are “TRULY” living by faith! The blessings that will be bestowed upon you will be immeasurable. You’ll have a sense of self that no amount of money or things can “build up or break down!” You’ll see the world as it is not what you want it to be. You’ll understand that “what God has for you, no man can put asunder!” You’ll also be “Content” knowing that the life you live is “in God’s will for you!”

You’ll NEVER get all of what you want in life. You’ll get what you need!

I am grateful for “Everything and everyone” that’s happened in my life!

I will continue to say:

“Love me or hate me. If you love me, you’ll shake me. If you hate me, you’ll continue to because you simply can’t take me! Either way “my best” is what you’ll make me! Know that it’s nothing more or less!

Because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Put your faith and dependence in God and watch your life change for the better!

That doesn’t mean your life “will be easy” however it will be well worth it!

Trust me, I know from experience when you “Wait on God” to bless you versus trying to rush and bless yourself or manipulate or pressure someone else to bless you, the blessings complete you from the inside out!

Remember my motto:

“People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable and unstoppable!”


#Relationships #GodsWill #Longevity #Anniversary



#HappyAnniversary I #Tiffany #HBIC #Virgo ♍ and him #Duke #TheHub #Scorpio♏ have been together 10 years today Friday, March 14, 2014 it was a Thursday when we became “officially” a couple. The rest is history. From our union comes @jrthegemini #Duke #Jr ♊ against “the messes of exes, family, friends, and coworkers!” Y’all hate being so real, only made our love stronger once you showed your true colors. Lmao y’all failed with us, so that’s why you’re mad that we haven’t.

Again our relationship has and will last long because what God has for you no man can put asunder.

We keep God 1st in all that we do. We keep exes, haters, friends, family etc who don’t approve, attempt to cause chaos or run interference and lastly those desperately trying to remain relevant in our lives after basically ruining one or more aspects in the past.. Once were done were done.

He and I share an impenetrable bond. We were friends first, lovers second and family forever.

Keep calm he’s never leaving me “spiritually” and vice versa at the very least. I thank my mother in law #Rose my #Cancer love for loving supporting me from day one as a woman, his woman, his youngest child’s mother and wife for life. I’m looking forward to the next ten years continuing to love and raise Jr. Cheers to us!!!

Thank you Father God. We’re truly #Blessed immeasurably!

“what God has for you no man can put asunder!” I told you what’s in God’s will be done, if not immediately, ultimately.

Often times we get too “caught up” in what “we think we deserve” that we forget that “God” determines that. If you aren’t “asking God for approval or for a blessing” then you’re going to continuously fail at all that you do especially relationships! God must be steering the ship in all relationships, if he’s not “abandon ship!”

We are blessed beyond measure and beyond all hate! We have an impenetrable bond. We’re great parents of Duke WhiteJr and I’m “eternally grateful” despite my opinions and current stance for God choosing Duke to be my son’s father and husband, because he was “built” for me! LOL We’ve traveled the same paths; gone to the same Elementary School, even had the same Teacher Ms. Hunter, encountered the same people, we even share the same enemies within certain circles/affiliations 25 years apart! LOL

It was our “Destiny” to meet! We are both “children of God” and that has resonated over the years because we truly live by our faith.

We’ve been adversely spoken of etc by family, friends, exes, etc and it’s hilarious b/c the very people “praying, waiting, and hoping” for our downfalls “haven’t had a stable long standing relationship” since dealing with us!

That’s inclusive of all the aforementioned.

Ya’ll are hanging in bars, clubs, putting in overtime, etc.. trying to avoid the lack of love that you’re receiving and obviously incapable of giving.

I’m praying that “those who truly desire love” receive it “IF it’s in God’s will” You have to understand “God will not give you love” if you aren’t first “loving, serving, reverencing and giving praises to him” then deserving of and accommodating to it.

Some of you have completely forgotten about “the word of God” and what that entails. That’s the root of all your problems.

You’ve leaned to your own understanding, insecurities and overcompensation’s for too long and you wonder why you lack “real love!”

Real love isn’t about “money, things, etc.” it’s all about the “spirit” within you that resonates in how you think, act, respond, etc..

I stress to you all.. especially those that wish to see us fail…. Don’t hate, emulate! because he’s never leaving me and I’m never leaving him at the very least spiritually!

Thank you God! I look forward to the next 10, 20, + years with you “if it’s in God’s will!” Cheers to us!      — feeling blessed.


#SpecialNeeds #Autism #Success #TestimonyThursday



These are pictures taken today. The first picture is the homework certificate Jr received for being consistent with completing his homework assignments and turning them in.

Receiving certificates for this is newly introduced by his teacher this school year. I haven’t seen or heard of this being done before at his school.

Yet, I love it! I really enjoy seeing his morale and others being established and increased.

I did explain to Jr when he first began receiving them that “it’s great to receive an award (certificate, prize, etc) for his accomplishments” but in life he won’t always receive them, but his efforts and accomplishments should always reflect him maximizing his full potential (being the best Duke he can be).

I explained some jobs will give “service awards” after you’ve worked there for a few years that come in the form of certificates, gift cards, a raise, etc.

I further explained that if he were a Entrepreneur he’d be to reward himself and his employees as he see’s fit.

I’m ecstatic about Jr’s teacher’s ability to connect with each child in her classroom individually.  Jr has been in a normal setting since he’s been in school, even prior to his diagnosis of Autism.

Jr’s always enjoyed doing his school and homework. He only had difficulties with speaking and comprehending to an extent.

His diagnosis was inclusive of a speech delay while being high functioning.

He’s learned how to speak intelligibly, pronounce words properly, sound words out, and recall information in sequential order thanks to the help and skills of his Speech Pathologist.

I, myself took Speech Therapy as a teenager. I have a speech impediment. My tongue just rolls LOL when I’m over excited with joy or angry my words tend to come out fast and unintelligible to untrained ears.

I’ve had to learn how to “breath in between words, consciously control my thoughts so that my speech is controlled” it’s worked 90% of the time for us both.

She’s functioned as my therapist at times also! She’s truly a Godsend! She was and is “one of the few people” at his school who maintained a respectful, consistent, and honest relationship with me despite my Bipolar diagnosis recently PTSD was additional in my re diagnosis, sometimes my “episodes” regarding Jr’s education and Jr’s diagnosis of Autism. 

Jr’s made friends inside and outside of Speech Therapy. His friends are all from school. Family is family.

He and a girl who too has Autism met in Speech Therapy. They’ve been good friends these past few years, although they’ve recently grown apart due to classroom and residency changes. They still see each other on the school bus sometimes. He doesn’t seem bothered knowing she’ll be graduating from 3rd grade this June and going to another school.
Jr’s grown accustomed to “losing people or people moving on” as his resilience is impeccable!

His original crush was in his class, he’s accepted he won’t see her everyday. His best friends I’ll call K the other white boy L both are no longer in his school. His grandmother died last year and he didn’t cry after her funeral. He told me she would be a ghost if he saw her again and that she was in heaven.

Usually, he only speaks of her if I initiate the conversation. Although if we’re looking at pictures and he see’s her, he’ll make a few statements and move on. His father and I have offered him to talk with us whenever he thinks of or misses her. I decided NOT to do counseling they offered at his school because I’ve been in it myself and it never resurfaces or is comprehended effectively. Plus I know my child and what he needs!

Jr won’t act out etc because of her death. If anything from what I’ve gathered he’s going to be “resilient” and UN afraid of losing people that he loves.

Jr is excited about getting older. He understands a lot, more than he leads us to believe at times.

There are times where you can “see” the lack of comprehension when it comes to receiving or giving information, especially when he’s rushing or in his head thinking.

The only concerns of mine are Jr’s ability going forward to “set aside” his private thoughts and “function in the present moment” and then being free once his affairs are handled.

Meaning no “making sounds, doing repetitive actions etc” during class or situations that require his undivided attention.

Jr’s great at keeping track of time now, he can’t always tell time on the “circle clock” as he puts it but on the “square clock” with the numbers on it he can.

Jr can speak “sarcasm” now! Lmao my son knows how to “talk smack” when appropriate and a lot of times his rebuttals are surprisingly accurate and beyond his years on Earth.

Jr is very decisive now. He knows what he does and doesn’t want. He will use his words to express it.

Jr can focus. Jr needs fewer reminders about focusing. He can usually catch himself, when he’s not rushing.

Jr knows the difference in people being bullies or people being friendly. He knows how to defend himself.

He most importantly can speak up for himself when his sensory/touch issues begin to bother him.

These are a few of Jr’s testimonies to date.

My faith in God and ESP has already given me the premonition that Jr will be fine. Jr is currently being given the necessary tools to be independent and have some “normalcy” in his life.

As long as Jr remains focused on and confident in himself, he will accomplish all that he sets out to do.

I encourage you all to “find what works for your child and their special needs!”

Doctors, professionals, advocates, teachers and family and even I, will all have “their facts, opinions, etc” about what you should do.

Only you know what’s best for you and yours. Do that.

Remember and live by my mottos:

“Autism isn’t a disability; it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!”

“People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑

Be blessed my lovelies.. Today may be a trial, but we will be triumphant!