“Help yourself, more than you hate others!”

Over the years even I’ve been guilty of “hating others more than I helped myself!” I mean I was consumed by my hatred for them. Ultimately I was hindered.

Once I made a conscious decision to “help myself more than I hate others!” I literally had an epiphany and that’s how my motto: “People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑” came to exist!

I accepted that I could no longer be hindered by anyone or anything especially something that wasn’t tangible, like how I felt!
Once I activated tunnel vision I amazed myself with all that I’d created for myself (through the grace and strength of God of course) and accomplished.

I also realized that hating them would be used going forward to fuel helping myself overcome not only the feelings but the circumstances which created the feelings and all that existed within it.

I’ve been renewed spiritually. I dismiss the useless and bring the useful closer maintaining tight grip. I am unbothered by those who’ve impacted me negatively.

I’m thankful for the difficulty they’ve caused me to endure because as a result I’m wiser, stronger and more agile!

I encourage those of you who have “unfinished business” use your hate to help yourself. Stop allowing your hate for another to hinder you! Use it to help yourself.
Trust you’ll feel better. The more you use that hateful energy towards helping yourself, I must admit the hate decreases. I can’t say it honestly goes away but it’s not prevalent in the subconscious or conscious.

Please take heed. I’ve been one of the people and I’ve seen people be hindered spiritually, financially and physically as a direct result of their hate for another and lack of help for themselves.