Don’t get caught up in all the hype in exchange for a farce life!


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#Married NOT playing house!

Get your life my love… Y’all kill me running your mouths about a life you know nothing of!

Let me say, many of you can’t find a good man because he isn’t looking for you! Others can’t because he’s not your “type” so you overlook him!

The same applies to men not being able to find a good woman, she’s not looking for you nor is she in the places you’re in.

There are only a few who simply aren’t meant to be.

My life isn’t perfect but I didn’t settle because I knew what I wanted and deserved but also could give.

I matched at the very least my intellectual level! That next to being a Christian man (man of God) I wouldn’t sacrifice.

Stop playing house and either do it right (stay together and raise your children so long as it’s a healthy relationship, get married, or be consistent coparents and at the very least amicable friends or complete strangers).

No straddling the fence. Make a decision.

You could also keep it real y’all playing the field, (meaning y’all are friends or lovers with benefits, no commitments, no future, just the here and now) but playing house over 30 is hilarious!!

Seriously Lmao for me “engagements” are the new pregnancy announcements “all the hype and a farce life!”

If he/she is NOT coming home now, it won’t change if you stay. If he/she doesn’t respect you now it won’t change if you stay. If he/she isn’t being consistent now etc…

Many of you aren’t committed to commitment!

Meaning you aren’t committed to the loyalty, faithfulness, buoyance, honesty, humility consistency, leadership, and endurance it takes to maintain a “healthy, productive, long-term relationship!”

You’re committed to the image!

That’s why I’ve seen 90% of the best looking relationships…. I’m talking from going to church, partying together, spending money living it up all the way to the most grand weddings end “quickly” in long term bitter divorces, from one if not both parties!

I’ve only witnessed 10% lasting for the longterm inclusive of my marriage currently.

Nothing in life or love is guaranteed, but you can try to maintain things for the long-term.

So, I urge you to “be committed to the commitment!”

I’ve seen more people “commit” themselves to jobs or careers, more than their immediate families! Their parents, spouses, children and close friends are neglected while their job or career is continuously accommodated.

Others simply are too picky! Your preferences are unrealistic and unfair, because usually it’s asking things of someone else you haven’t given of yourself or wouldn’t give unless left no other choice.

In life you’ll never get all of what you want or “prefer” but trust me on this, you’ll always get all of what you need!

Learn to think outside the box especially when it comes to love. Love can’t be controlled, it can be demanded, it can only be given and received!

So in giving or receiving “Get what you deserve” a person who’ll love you flaws and all! Someone that you too can love flaws and all!

Who when the world is against you is right there by your side.

Stop dealing with people because it’s better than being alone, it’s convenient, etc keep your eyes and actions on the prize.

Once you stop settling for less “the appearance” and wait on then accommodate the real thing, you’ll realize it’s exactly what you’ve been longing…. Trust me.. I know!