#Blessed beyond measure….


When I look into the mirror, I don’t look like “any” of what I’ve been through or am still “going through!”

I’m #Blessed beyond measure.

I say that because being “blessed” is not about “materialistic’s” it’s about “spirits!”

God has “increased” my spiritual wealth and any “monetary” gain subsequent of that would be another blessing.

Monetary gain will NEVER negate nor supersede “spiritual tact and abundance (wealth)” not in my life anyway!

I’ve seen a lot of people “have things and lose them” while others “kill themselves daily” trying to keep these things!

Not, I!

I too want worldly things like a nice home, car, jewelry, monetary wealth, etc but NOT more than I want my spirit (character) to be intact.

I’m blessed …. because being kicked out of my parents home at 12, diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders at 13, in the system until 16 with promiscuity and drug abuse from age 10 throughout my young adulthood, to finally settling down as a woman, mother and wife!

I must say Thank You Lord!

There were days I didn’t think I’d make it.

Some days I didn’t want to make it to the next moment.

I always prayed that God’s will for my life be done.

I prayed if it was in his will allow my attributes to supersede ALL diagnosis, past mistakes, insecurities and immaturity that I might have!

Allow my attributes to give me an opportunity to help others and if it leads to financial gain so be it.

Well Lord, thank you for allowing me to be on the receiving end of your will being done.

I’m actually writing (blogging) publicly and am not only being noticed, but I’m helping people!

I see the future is looking brighter daily!

I’m thankful everyday for all the blessings you’ve given to me, are giving me now and will give me in the future.

I urge everyone to ask God to bless and keep based on his will for your life.

You’ll be amazed at how secure you’ll not only feel but be, even within your worldly desires!

You’ll be at ease and content with who you are, where you are, with whom you’re with, doing what you’re doing.

Trust me, he’s blessed and kept my family against all odds.

When your “trust” and “dependence” is on the grace and mercy of God’s will for your life, then and only then will you live daily knowing “Competition will only be with yourself” and you’ll be the one competing against yourself to always maximize “your full potential!”

You’ll be consumed by “bettering yourself” and those you come in contact with, that you’ll be in another world figuratively!