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These are pictures taken today. The first picture is the homework certificate Jr received for being consistent with completing his homework assignments and turning them in.

Receiving certificates for this is newly introduced by his teacher this school year. I haven’t seen or heard of this being done before at his school.

Yet, I love it! I really enjoy seeing his morale and others being established and increased.

I did explain to Jr when he first began receiving them that “it’s great to receive an award (certificate, prize, etc) for his accomplishments” but in life he won’t always receive them, but his efforts and accomplishments should always reflect him maximizing his full potential (being the best Duke he can be).

I explained some jobs will give “service awards” after you’ve worked there for a few years that come in the form of certificates, gift cards, a raise, etc.

I further explained that if he were a Entrepreneur he’d be to reward himself and his employees as he see’s fit.

I’m ecstatic about Jr’s teacher’s ability to connect with each child in her classroom individually.  Jr has been in a normal setting since he’s been in school, even prior to his diagnosis of Autism.

Jr’s always enjoyed doing his school and homework. He only had difficulties with speaking and comprehending to an extent.

His diagnosis was inclusive of a speech delay while being high functioning.

He’s learned how to speak intelligibly, pronounce words properly, sound words out, and recall information in sequential order thanks to the help and skills of his Speech Pathologist.

I, myself took Speech Therapy as a teenager. I have a speech impediment. My tongue just rolls LOL when I’m over excited with joy or angry my words tend to come out fast and unintelligible to untrained ears.

I’ve had to learn how to “breath in between words, consciously control my thoughts so that my speech is controlled” it’s worked 90% of the time for us both.

She’s functioned as my therapist at times also! She’s truly a Godsend! She was and is “one of the few people” at his school who maintained a respectful, consistent, and honest relationship with me despite my Bipolar diagnosis recently PTSD was additional in my re diagnosis, sometimes my “episodes” regarding Jr’s education and Jr’s diagnosis of Autism. 

Jr’s made friends inside and outside of Speech Therapy. His friends are all from school. Family is family.

He and a girl who too has Autism met in Speech Therapy. They’ve been good friends these past few years, although they’ve recently grown apart due to classroom and residency changes. They still see each other on the school bus sometimes. He doesn’t seem bothered knowing she’ll be graduating from 3rd grade this June and going to another school.
Jr’s grown accustomed to “losing people or people moving on” as his resilience is impeccable!

His original crush was in his class, he’s accepted he won’t see her everyday. His best friends I’ll call K the other white boy L both are no longer in his school. His grandmother died last year and he didn’t cry after her funeral. He told me she would be a ghost if he saw her again and that she was in heaven.

Usually, he only speaks of her if I initiate the conversation. Although if we’re looking at pictures and he see’s her, he’ll make a few statements and move on. His father and I have offered him to talk with us whenever he thinks of or misses her. I decided NOT to do counseling they offered at his school because I’ve been in it myself and it never resurfaces or is comprehended effectively. Plus I know my child and what he needs!

Jr won’t act out etc because of her death. If anything from what I’ve gathered he’s going to be “resilient” and UN afraid of losing people that he loves.

Jr is excited about getting older. He understands a lot, more than he leads us to believe at times.

There are times where you can “see” the lack of comprehension when it comes to receiving or giving information, especially when he’s rushing or in his head thinking.

The only concerns of mine are Jr’s ability going forward to “set aside” his private thoughts and “function in the present moment” and then being free once his affairs are handled.

Meaning no “making sounds, doing repetitive actions etc” during class or situations that require his undivided attention.

Jr’s great at keeping track of time now, he can’t always tell time on the “circle clock” as he puts it but on the “square clock” with the numbers on it he can.

Jr can speak “sarcasm” now! Lmao my son knows how to “talk smack” when appropriate and a lot of times his rebuttals are surprisingly accurate and beyond his years on Earth.

Jr is very decisive now. He knows what he does and doesn’t want. He will use his words to express it.

Jr can focus. Jr needs fewer reminders about focusing. He can usually catch himself, when he’s not rushing.

Jr knows the difference in people being bullies or people being friendly. He knows how to defend himself.

He most importantly can speak up for himself when his sensory/touch issues begin to bother him.

These are a few of Jr’s testimonies to date.

My faith in God and ESP has already given me the premonition that Jr will be fine. Jr is currently being given the necessary tools to be independent and have some “normalcy” in his life.

As long as Jr remains focused on and confident in himself, he will accomplish all that he sets out to do.

I encourage you all to “find what works for your child and their special needs!”

Doctors, professionals, advocates, teachers and family and even I, will all have “their facts, opinions, etc” about what you should do.

Only you know what’s best for you and yours. Do that.

Remember and live by my mottos:

“Autism isn’t a disability; it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!”

“People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑

Be blessed my lovelies.. Today may be a trial, but we will be triumphant!