#Autism “Anti Bullying, Anti Abuse!” How can we protect them from those meant to “protect and serve?”


I’m a mother of a seven year old diagnosed with Autism. Although Jr previously had a speech delay, speech therapy has helped him overcome that deficiency. He’s considered high functioning, there are times where he still may not behave or respond appropriately. By appropriately I mean “normal in regards to what the world wants or assumes it should be!”

Jr will too one day be an adult, who may behave or respond “suspiciously” in one aspect or another.

However when you’re dealing with someone whose severely disabled, specifically severely Autistic, it’s a guarantee and they need protection where they lack in understanding or compliance.

The article stated he was wearing a badge that identified his conditions to diffuse if not completely prevent incidents like this, especially with “officers of the law!”

How do we as parents, professionals or advocates protect them from those meant to “protect and serve?”

How do we create and implement procedures that will protect the disabled, but not enable criminals to get away with crimes because of loopholes?

I believe many different things should have happened.

In any event, their use of excessive force was out of line!

They didn’t have anything “substantial” to even arrest him for, nor was he violent towards them.

This is a monstrosity! I’m appalled at their lack of common sense and professional training I’d assume they’d have in their position.

I’m praying that he can calm down and regain his confidence to not only begin going outside again, but trusting the police.

This reminds me of Jr being jumped on by a dog in our back one day as we were coming in from grocery shopping.

He’d been knocked down in the dirt, he screamed as if he were being cut and the dog wasn’t biting him or anything; just trying to lick his face from what I saw in the split second before I began kicking it’s face.

Jr wasn’t the same for a long time. Now that I think about it, he still doesn’t like dogs he’s learned to suppress his obvious fears of them.

He can now be in the same vicinity of a dog and remain calm. He’s even pet his my oldest cousin’s dog approximately three years ago and an ex friend of mine two years ago.

He still doesn’t like being around or near them long. He can’t stand their smell, even those who are clean.

I believe that’s a combination of his sinus and sensory issues.

I’m praying for this young man’s family as well as his sanity.  👼

I can only imagine what’s going on in his head. I can only imagine how afraid he must be, of the very people besides his parents, teachers, and friends he was taught he could trust; that have brutally beat him unjustifiably.

But when are you, especially as law enforcement really justified to beat someone?

It’s terrible.

Please pray for them. I hope they get reprimanded to the fullest extent their organization’s disciplinary action will allow!

They no longer deserve to be “officers of the law, anywhere in the world ever again!” There’s no excuse to excuse this!

What are your thoughts?