I think and live #HBIC therefore I am. My presence speaks for itself.






Since I could speak, write and walk I’ve been a driving force.

My mere presence commands attention even when I’m doing my best to avoid it.

Having ESP (extra sensory perception) I know what lies before me. Often I go against my better judgement in an attempt to be open-minded, to a fault.

I’ve learned the hard way, to trust God first, my instincts (ESP) second and people’s actions last. See I know that “the mouth says anything the brain tells it to” which means you’ve got folks out here with the gift of gab. They’re master mannequins!

Since age seven I’ve used “bitch” as a positive word to represent the fact that I’m an executor. I can be bitchy at times when doing so. I love to control. I love helping others. I love order. I love seeing progress. I hate ignorance especially that’s directly accompanied by arrogance! I hate materialistic people. I hate ostentatious people. I hate liar’s. I hate, haters; be and do you already!

So when my own father got upset with me (at age seven) because “he failed to follow a rule he, his mother, and I set forth” for me regarding the location for soiled linens (dirty laundry).

He was upset because I didn’t go into his room and pick up his soiled linens. I began to politely explain: “Daddy I washed everything that was in the hamper in the bathroom where we all agreed to put our clothes. I noticed your clothes weren’t in there. So that to me meant you didn’t need your clothes washed.”

He said: “Listen I’m your father, you get an allowance so why exclude me regardless of where the clothes weren’t!”

Now I’m livid because my #Aries father could be so ignorant and childish I’m not certain often times what my #Leo mother saw in him other than they were highly sexual and he was a Chef prior to her being incapacitated.

Back to the topic LOL my father didn’t see my face change. What I said next shocked even me because it came out effortlessly.

I said: “Listen Wilton I know who you are to me, but I don’t have to work …. legally at that, until I’m 16! I do a lot around here that your mother no longer for herself, you or me! Don’t give me shit about you lacking!”

So he “bright eyed and bushy tailed” replies: “you little bitch! Ohh that mouth, smart always, just like your damned mother! Listen you little bitch you’ll do as I say! What? You think you run things around here?!”

I stepped back and geared up for the spanking I knew was coming and said: “Obviously I do Wilton, our clothes are clean and yours aren’t, correct? So, just to remind you don’t disrespect my mother ever again or it’s a war! I’ll be the “Head Bitch In Charge” throughout my life! Thank you anything else?

He smacked me down.

I hit the floor and jumped right back up.

He said: “go to your fucking room. I’ll be back later!”

So the #HBIC alter ego was born. From that moment I knew my power and from that moment on I’ve used it alongside my faith in God and ESP!

I maintain control in my life and those who wish to enter or remain in it.

Especially wherever I live! I demand respect. You don’t give it, you are dismissed!

I “give as I expect to receive and I receive as I anticipate to reciprocate!” Nothing more and nothing less.

I don’t apologize for being a “bitch” because that’s just a synonym for executor; In my opinion.

I don’t apologize for “seeing through people and their bullshit!”
I won’t retract statements I’ve made about or to people regarding my opinions of  and facts gathered on them!

All opinions expressed outwardly are based on facts!

Trust my private thoughts would give you pause.

I don’t deal in how I feel!

I deal ONLY in what’s real.

Facts….. which are inclusive of repetitive actions and inconsistencies for many people.

There’s only a few (like myself) whose facts are inclusive of “consistency, loyalty, fidelity, honesty, and accountability!”

I only deal with “consistent, loyal, faithful, honest and accountable” people who are on my intellectual and spiritual levels!

All others must go.

I may know you, but you knew me! The person you met no longer exists. The person you’ve hurt, tried to defame, hinder etc no longer exists!

In order to “be content and successful” in life you must think and live, therefore being!

Don’t allow anyone especially these “loved ones, friends, etc” make you feel less than you feel in your spirit and know in your heart that you are!

Had I listened to people, especially my own father who mind you was a whore, crack and cocaine abuser, plus a frivolous spender; I wouldn’t be here today.

Honestly, had I allowed their “hate, disbelief, envy, etc” enter into my spirit it would’ve corrupted me and I’m certain I would’ve killed myself.

I’ve had my days now.. Please note that. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders I and II with PTSD and trust me they’ve said I wouldn’t do 90% of what I’ve done to date with the exception of a few things that as I’m blogging they are manifesting!

I have a son now diagnosed with Autism. I’m married. I’ve maintained relationships with constituents. I’ve repaired a few personal relationships with family and friends. Others I have no interest in rectifying at all.

Again I’m in love with being who I am. I’m ok with everyone not liking me. My own father didn’t “like me” per say, so why would I care if you don’t Lmao.

I urge you to keep praying asking God to guide you in all that you do and with those you choose to do it with.

Pay attention and trust your “gut” that stomach tug, feeling of nausea, sweaty palms, sweaty armpits etc are God’s internal alarm warning you of impending danger!

Start paying attention.

Trust me. You’ll be better off.

I cut people off 98% of the time when I “know” their full of shit (disloyal, dishonest, inconsistent, envious, and conniving!) without a warning or providing them closure.

Even recently I’ve “attempted” to explain my stance to a female I’ve known for years, intellectually didn’t compliment me at all. I found myself always trying to “teach her” in one aspect or another.

My point is ” most people even those who get close to you, won’t understand you parting ways!” Especially when they grew accustomed to using, lying to and manipulating you and they’re not willing to be honest about or change it!

These people will “try to bring you down” they’ll try to defame you, they’ll try to block your blessings, some may even be in a position to temporarily hinder you spiritually or physically because of the distress they’ve caused.

Take it from the seven year old “woman” and please remember my motto. Recite it daily and begin living by it.

“People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑

Stepping stones get you where you need and want to be.

Speed bumps allow you to travel your road safely “forcing you to proceed with caution” on certain roads or while traveling with certain people.

Road blocks are setup to “force you to change course” sometimes there’s a reasonable detour setup other times you’ll end up venturing and “learning a new way” of getting places..

Keep in mind also “planes take off against the wind; not with it!”

Don’t ever be discouraged. Be who in your heart you know God has destined you to be. Seek the blessings that are for you based on God’s will for your life!

I think and live #HBIC therefore I am. My presence speaks for itself.
I am, #Tiffany 💍 #HBIC 👑 #Virgo ♍.

What others think of me, has never mattered.

What only matters is what God see’s in and does through me.