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#HappyAnniversary I #Tiffany #HBIC #Virgo ♍ and him #Duke #TheHub #Scorpio♏ have been together 10 years today Friday, March 14, 2014 it was a Thursday when we became “officially” a couple. The rest is history. From our union comes @jrthegemini #Duke #Jr ♊ against “the messes of exes, family, friends, and coworkers!” Y’all hate being so real, only made our love stronger once you showed your true colors. Lmao y’all failed with us, so that’s why you’re mad that we haven’t.

Again our relationship has and will last long because what God has for you no man can put asunder.

We keep God 1st in all that we do. We keep exes, haters, friends, family etc who don’t approve, attempt to cause chaos or run interference and lastly those desperately trying to remain relevant in our lives after basically ruining one or more aspects in the past.. Once were done were done.

He and I share an impenetrable bond. We were friends first, lovers second and family forever.

Keep calm he’s never leaving me “spiritually” and vice versa at the very least. I thank my mother in law #Rose my #Cancer love for loving supporting me from day one as a woman, his woman, his youngest child’s mother and wife for life. I’m looking forward to the next ten years continuing to love and raise Jr. Cheers to us!!!

Thank you Father God. We’re truly #Blessed immeasurably!

“what God has for you no man can put asunder!” I told you what’s in God’s will be done, if not immediately, ultimately.

Often times we get too “caught up” in what “we think we deserve” that we forget that “God” determines that. If you aren’t “asking God for approval or for a blessing” then you’re going to continuously fail at all that you do especially relationships! God must be steering the ship in all relationships, if he’s not “abandon ship!”

We are blessed beyond measure and beyond all hate! We have an impenetrable bond. We’re great parents of Duke WhiteJr and I’m “eternally grateful” despite my opinions and current stance for God choosing Duke to be my son’s father and husband, because he was “built” for me! LOL We’ve traveled the same paths; gone to the same Elementary School, even had the same Teacher Ms. Hunter, encountered the same people, we even share the same enemies within certain circles/affiliations 25 years apart! LOL

It was our “Destiny” to meet! We are both “children of God” and that has resonated over the years because we truly live by our faith.

We’ve been adversely spoken of etc by family, friends, exes, etc and it’s hilarious b/c the very people “praying, waiting, and hoping” for our downfalls “haven’t had a stable long standing relationship” since dealing with us!

That’s inclusive of all the aforementioned.

Ya’ll are hanging in bars, clubs, putting in overtime, etc.. trying to avoid the lack of love that you’re receiving and obviously incapable of giving.

I’m praying that “those who truly desire love” receive it “IF it’s in God’s will” You have to understand “God will not give you love” if you aren’t first “loving, serving, reverencing and giving praises to him” then deserving of and accommodating to it.

Some of you have completely forgotten about “the word of God” and what that entails. That’s the root of all your problems.

You’ve leaned to your own understanding, insecurities and overcompensation’s for too long and you wonder why you lack “real love!”

Real love isn’t about “money, things, etc.” it’s all about the “spirit” within you that resonates in how you think, act, respond, etc..

I stress to you all.. especially those that wish to see us fail…. Don’t hate, emulate! because he’s never leaving me and I’m never leaving him at the very least spiritually!

Thank you God! I look forward to the next 10, 20, + years with you “if it’s in God’s will!” Cheers to us!      — feeling blessed.