#Marriage Is he ready? Am I ready? More importantly is it in God’s will for either of us?


What does marriage mean to a man? Is it the same meaning for a woman? If so, why aren’t more people married or why are so many divorced?

Will we ever know?

I know a few men who’ve said once they’ve had children things changed between them and their spouse, so they know things will change once they’re married.

I believe a lot of men also fear the control and obligation that it entails because they’ve grown accustomed to being committed without the obligation.

A lot of women often push the men for marriage, but are they marriage material?

Are they ready?

Are they looking for validation?

Once “some” men are obligated they get nervous because it’s almost as if they fear the responsibility and accountability that marriage entails.

“Some” Women become consumed by the “idea” of marriage, like the name/title, tax benefits, entry into certain circles, jewelry, and more…

I know men who’ve said they do “think of/desire getting married” yet the woman they’re with isn’t their “marriage prototype” and because they do enjoy the relationship they fear being honest would ruin it.

Despite the fact not being honest will ruin it eventually anyway.

Other men simply are certain that they’re not getting married and won’t be pressured into it.

I actually met “one” who said he isn’t having any kids.

I was shocked! I was amused! I couldn’t believe he was serious.

He was.

As he explained how women are, I honestly agreed with 98% of what he said.

The other 2% was for women like myself who pride themselves on being honest, consistent, accountable, loving, caring, helpful etc

I’ve not met a woman that doesn’t want to get married.

I’ve heard there are some though.

What about the men who want to get married but the woman they want to marry isn’t ready, she won’t act right so he can’t propose, etc.?

Do these men stay?

Do they try and force them into marriage?

I’ve seen men miss out on marriage with one woman and end up in a detrimental marriage with another.

I’ve also seen men struggle with their love for their wife and their general lust for women, or their cheating wife, while maintaining a farce of a happy marriage.

I’ve seen marriages that appear “pure” I only say appear because I’m not certain as I’m an outsider and can only judge based on what I’ve seen.

I’ve seen so many scenarios that I digress.

The truth is that a man whose truly interested in marrying you will let you know. Once he’s ready and believes you are.

You won’t have to guess.

You won’t have to propose.

A man of God knows his role and will carry it out fully once his mind and heart are on one accord.

Remember it has to first be in God’s will for you and the person you’re with.

If it’s not, then it won’t happen.

Our plans aren’t God’s plans.

We as humans often lose sight of the reality that God rules all things on Earth and in Heaven, which means your free will has no power over or against the Almighty Father God!

We ALL aren’t destined to be married. Just like all women aren’t meant to be mother’s. I know mother’s who obviously chose to be for all the wrong reasons. I know women like myself who struggle with infertility and often feel “less than” because we can’t “mass produce” children. I know other women who are clueless to infertility issues.

Like ALL men aren’t meant to be builders, father’s, etc…

Again “IF” it’s in God’s will for you, it will come to you.

However you should be “living” in the way that would attract such a spouse, whose interested in living a full life with you.

Stop entertaining temporary ungodly people, when you desire a permanent situation with a child of God!

When I was single I used to pray to God that if he made me a mother, please make the father especially of my first child, ((God blessing it be a boy)) a man of God therefore husband material.
Well low and behold. I’ve got it and “in that order!”

My husband courted me, he’s also a Baptist, and we bore a son. What’s funny is I wrote this prophecy out, but that’s another blog post so I digress..

It came unexpectedly and at a cost LOL he came from a large family. He created a large family of his own.

It was overwhelming initially.

It rarely bothers me. Now I’m grateful for the experiences throughout the marriage.

I’m grateful that I expressed my desire to be a mother, married at least ten years etc and  I’m grateful to God for blessing me the way he did, with who he did.

Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, you must “possess” the characteristics (spirit) that you wish to get from your spouse, especially the one you see yourself marrying.

If God isn’t first in your thoughts etc, you’ll always be last!

Understand what God has for you no man can put asunder. What isn’t for you, you’ll never get it. If you keep trying to get what’s not for you, you will die trying.