#PSA #Candid “All men aren’t dead beats, many have just been beatdown pt.2”


Listen… Y’all “cunts, whores, insecure, overbearing, bitter bitches….  Smh….

Most had a child or children “simply” to validate yourselves in a relationship you otherwise had no “real capacity” = importance in!

Then after forcing yourself on him, he gave in. He tried.

You did more to ruin the relationship than you’ll ever admit or your ignorant child or children will ever care to know.

It makes me sick to my stomach with women and children like this!
Glad I’ve never been and won’t ever be reduced to “a baby mama with internal and external drama”

I’ve been and will go down in the history books as “a woman whose an impeccable mother and exceptional wife” whose teaching her child @jrthegemini “both” sides so that he’ll love and respect “the truth” about our struggle, plus I’d never deny my child a love, especially that of his father @scorpiotheduke.

I feel for the women and children who live blindly due to their inability to right their wrongs, humble themselves, etc..

I’m just thankful I wasn’t raised nor do I choose to be that way.

I’m praying for all the “Father’s” out there who’ve been “beat down” and falsely accused of being and unjustifiably labeled as “dead beats!”

Know that “she may be up now, but the way in which she tried and in many cases brought you down in one or another aspect” know that God will discipline her and kill her spiritually first, ((she will deform, she will age rapidly, she will not have many friends etc, her job will become the love of her life, she’ll be bitter and envious no matter how much materialistic she obtains, NO man will be as good to her for as long as you were)) then her physical death will come years later.

You may feel” dead” now but remember they hung Jesus on the cross and in 3 days he rose again.

Mind you now there weren’t any clocks back then.. So hold on to your faith.

Don’t engage in an argument with these ignorant girls. Don’t explain yourself to the ignorant child or children.

Keep praying to God for strength and wisdom.

Be with a woman like myself who seeks to “build with you” versus the one who seeks to build at your expense and at all costs.

You can also choose to be alone.

I know a few who are suffering, please know this too shall pass.

I know it’s easy for me to say because I’m with my husband also my son’s father, but it wasn’t easy because others have tried to separate us.

It’s “us” collectively who’ve worked based on our faith in, reverence for and blessings received from God.

God has this. He puts people in your life as a blessing or a lesson, rarely are they both simultaneously.. I’m praying for you. This too shall pass..