#PSA #Candid… #Education begins and ends at home!


Since becoming a “Mother” my outlook hasn’t changed it’s been confirmed.

My mother was a nurse by trade, but an educator by nature.

Every encounter with her was a learning experience by choice or force, as is with me to date!

At age 7 my mother honed my niches. She taught me about my ESP, she taught me about my beauty being both a blessing and curse. LOL I can hear her now “Tiffany you’re cute, but that’ll only get you to the curb and if you’re lucky a cab. If you want to go further and get more in life you’ll need faith in and dependency ONLY on God, perseverance, and education!”

She also allowed me to teach myself to type by mimicking her on a typewriter my grandfather bought her when she was younger.

There’s much more. The point is “at home” is where my education began and ended.

All that I experienced in the world was confirmed at home.

To this day, those home lessons still resonate in my life and a few manifest in the current upbringing of my son.

I refuse to be like what I categorize as “the babies having babies, boys and girls to their cores” who barely got themselves through life, have limited education, aren’t responsible enough to ensure their children go ‘straight through grade school to their completion of high school’ and then into college or their career or entrepreneurial endeavors.

The “schools and school system” are only 20% responsible as your child is with them a great deal of time.

Yet, as parents I was taught and I know that we’re 80% responsible to and accountable for the education our child or children receive!

Keep in mind going forward “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” so if “you’ve been working a dead end job, or you’ve maintained the same job in the same capacity for over 7 years, you barely made it through high school, you haven’t been and don’t intend on going to college, you’ve never been an entrepreneur, you’ve cheated and lied in majority of your relationships just to avoid facing and being held accountable to the truth, etc then you can’t expect your children to do any better!

Your child IS a manifestation of ALL your good and bad!

Please note children mimic what they see and they exemplify what they’ve been taught or intrigued by!