Planning, preparing for and pushing forward to your future while persevering through your present! #Relationships #Success #Longevity #Destiny

Keep in mind when God starts taking opportunities and people out your life he’s bringing better people and opportunities in, while increasing your self worth and resilience.

See God is a jealous God and he wants to always have the credit and attention.

So he’ll take what and who you want leaving you with only what and who you need so you’ll see not only his power but his blessings, grace and mercy.

That’s why I’ve learned to speak my mind in some cases but to just move on in others because you can’t expect people to understand your hustle or values when God didn’t give them your vision or spirit.

They were lessons within blessings.

Meaning there’s some people who are “lessons” in your life. You learn from lessons. They’re simply there to assist you in maturing. They help you face all that’s wrong in your life whether it lies within you or exists around you. Once you’ve successfully matured whether you assist them in doing the same you’re blessed thereafter.

Those who you’re able to coexist with effortlessly are the blessings

Meaning there’s some people who are “blessings” in your life. You benefit from blessings and bless others. They’re there solely for the purpose of elevating and educating you simultaneously.

Being with them, benefiting from them, reciprocating to them and others will be the blessing.

I’ve seen this time and time again that’s why I’m asking God to again give me contentment knowing I’ve done my best by many people but they’re ungrateful of, unworthy of, or simply not meant to benefit from my blessings through the blessings God gives to me because they don’t have my vision or my spirit.

There were a few I was ungrateful to, unworthy of or simply not meant to be in the lives of.

I’m learning to not be bothered by the way things need to be in order for us to survive and thrive successfully throughout our lives.

Everyone you encounter or coexist with isn’t meant to be in your life a long time. Everyone you meet you won’t know. Most people you know will become people you knew.

You have to be thankful for and appreciative of those who come into your life at level one (the bottom) and are with you once you reach your level of completion (success)!

Everyone doesn’t level up especially with you, if ever and the same applies vice versa.

Understand we are all unique so it’s obvious our lives would also be unique, even if certain aspects are similar.

Who and what’s meant for you will be for you. Those who aren’t will show their true colors and intentions; just as you will as clear as the sky is blue. Just don’t be so caught up or desperate that you attempt to convince yourself otherwise.

Let the toxic person or situation go!

Don’t deal in how you feel, only deal with what’s real!

Once you live like that, you’ll be living another one of my mottos: “People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑