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A tweet I wrote is currently in use by the OWN TV Network as promotion for Love Thy Neighbor.  **picture is above **

In life I’ve noticed people seem afraid to dream beyond what’s right in front of them.

I know, I of all people have the nerve to talk. LOL

I’m a realist. I don’t sugar coat or mince words. I’m very “particular and exacting!” I’m calculated although I’m more than capable of being and have been impulsive.

I’ve seen people get “trapped” in a one track mindset. I’ve seen people be their own worse enemy. I’ve also seen people who don’t realize they are their own worse enemy because they’re focused on being an enemy of someone else.

You’re blocking your blessings so stop it.

I’m guilty of it.

I “used” to be the kind of person whose anger and hatred consumed them.

I couldn’t focus and damn sure couldn’t dream in that state.

I couldn’t live honestly, because I was too consumed by anger or hatred.

My focus was dead set on hindering them.

Once I learned that in life you’ll be born unto parents and into families in which in the years to come you’ll be strangers to. You’ll befriend people who treat you like family. You’ll even meet strangers  that embrace you closer than your closet relative.

Within each group of people they’ll always be “lessons, lessons within blessings, and overall blessings”

My father and his mother were  lessons within blessings!

I learned that and became at peace with my past once I accepted my life is mine. Everything I’ve gone through and everyone I’ve met is apart of who I am.

Let’s back track momentarily….

During my childhood, I began to tell myself I needed to dream of a life beyond my present circumstances because focusing on hindering my father and his mother from bringing me down, wasn’t helping.

Once my father kicked me out and placed me into a group home at twelve, that was it.

Say no more. Do no more. We deal no more. I moved on.

I began to dream.

I did go back and forth there over the years until I began living with a childhood friend of mine. I lived with her for a few years in between who I dated until meeting my husband.

Back to dreaming. Since leaving my grandmothers house, I’ve dreamed and I’ve honestly through my faith in God and him strengthening and guiding me manifested “some” of my dreams.

Listen, I’ve been contacted online by famous people I’d never in a million years would think would notice little me.

I’m looking forward to my meet and greets also!!

A tweet I wrote is currently in use by the OWN TV Network as promotion for Love Thy Neighbor.  **picture is above **

I was ecstatic to receive that email. I’m talking it was if I was literally “sleep walking in a dream!” I literally took two days going back and forth over the email trying to grasp it’s really her company. It’s really happening.

I began to dream more, then bam! A Twitter follower in Detroit, tweets me and says he saw my tweet “front and center” on the promotional commercial there.

I cried.. I was really emotional because if you really know me or my grandmother Lola then you know we watched her everyday at 4pm. If you weren’t home to eat once it began you didn’t eat and still did everyone’s dishes.

I used to imagine doing “work” for or alongside her, so to receive this in this era it’s equivalent!!

That’s way back when the only titles I knew for what I wanted to do were “model and help people, oh and use computers!”

Well looking back at that seven year old who’d just learned to type on her mother’s typewriter, I must say what didn’t kill you made you stronger and you really are famous girl, now it’s time to get “published famous, humanitarian award famous, keynote speaker invite famous, signing autographs, paparazzi trying to get a pic famous!” LOL actually, NOT paparazzi but you get it.

Great things are happening in my life.

I see my path to my level of success being cleared right before my eyes.

I feel the distance between the past and the present because I’m actively walking into my future with every power move I make!

To be elevated, is a high of it’s own! It takes a minute because I’m not yet where I want to be. Yet I’m closer than I ever was.

I’m not looking to “get rich quick, I’m looking to have old money and age like fine wine getting better with time!”

Dream your dream and when you wake up work on and towards it.

Meaning plan and proceed. Be innovative. Be consistent. You fail, brush yourself off, take a break and get back at it.

Don’t be intimidated by people doubting or questioning you; embrace it and use it.

Use it to stimulate your innovative side. “Candid criticism” especially for free can serve to be your best feedback!

It’s all in your perspective and realistic capabilities!

Support others. Think of my motto: “I give as I expect to receive and I receive as I anticipate to reciprocate!”

Trust you’ll reap what you sow. All buds carefully planted will withstand the storms and droughts, blossoming anew.

Don’t let anyone not even your parents deter your dreams, within reason though.

I must admit something’s we dream about aren’t befitting for our character and that’s why some of us often fall short.

Most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to maximize their full potential.

We either have low expectations of ourselves and others, or they’re absolutely too high. Know yourself…. Know where your loyalties lie.

Be realistic, but most importantly be consistent.

Keep in mind each person you meet is a potential investor, client, or overall supporter.

Be human. Be conscious. Be professional.

Dare to dream! You just might be living part of it now. Or soon.

Are you awake? Are you sleep? Or are you drifting in between?

Find your place in your dream, stand still and breath it in. Now, wake up and work it out!

Don’t give up, there’s always a smooth street after a few pot holes!

Just get ready to ride!



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  1. My friend, I love the inspirational work that you are doing and I thank you for visiting our ministry blog here on the web, in addition to making the decision to follow us as we grow and do God’s will. We invite you to return often as we post new lessons daily to help build up the Kingdom of God. It is always good to meet and make new friends. I look forward to returning and studying more of what you have to offer. If I can be of assistance to you just drop me a note in my personal email box or in our comment section. In the meantime I invite you to click on this link: http://diamondmindrealitynetwork.com/ and see how we are helping to change the lives of other bloggers, you too can become one of them.


    • Thank you very much. Ok I’ll definitely post my thoughts etc, I’ve been reading most of yours and allowing it to be applied in my life where applicable. I will also reach out if I need any assistance. Right now I’m still writing my Autism Advocacy book and once I’ve gotten it published I’m certain the public speaking I wish to do, will come to pass because people will want interviews etc. I’ll check out the site because I’d love to learn how to expand my blogging if not earn some supplemental income if possible. Thank you again. God bless.


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