The “blessings of blocking” not only virtually but realistically… #Relationships #Longevity #MentalHealth #Loyalty #Success

I’m ever so grateful and blessed to have the ability to “block people” not only realistically through prayer and disassociations, but virtually through specific applications or devices.

Now this post is coming as a result of “needing” to block additional people realistically through disassociating my feelings for them from my heart. Disassociating my affiliations connected to them within reason and respect to my future. In addition to  “virtually  = online” via professional and social networks.

Over the past two years I’ve had a lot of drama but it was ALL my ESP told me was coming if I didn’t do certain things. I didn’t obey my ESP and now I’m irritated LOL

My most recent incidents took place this year, yes this year and we’re only in April. Lmao

Welcome to my world.

I’m at a point where I don’t “have” the capacity for bullshit in my life.

If you don’t do anything for my intellectual, spiritual or financial advancement and stability, I’ve got no time for you.

Now I’m writing today because I don’t understand people who don’t comprehend or refuse to accept reality.

I’m content with blocking another person because this F I speak of is from my past. There’s little about her less than 20% and even that’s still 10% negative regarding my association with her.

We met because she attempted to bully me because I was new to the school. Once she saw I stood alone. I was alone. She liked me. Even stated she wanted to see how far she could go before I bucked back. It was crazy. It intrigued me. We became “friends!”

Oh the havoc we and the other girls we gun m hung with caused. Oh the terrible things we’ve done and said. On the trouble we’ve gotten into. Oh the times we’ve been spared. Ugh, the years I’ve wasted proclaiming to be “down, cool or go hard!”

So seeing her in particular was uncomfortable because I dislike the encounter each time since I’ve matured because I don’t get her.

I have no comprehension or empathy about how and why she does things, therefore the only time I’m actively engaged in the conversation is when we’re reminiscing or I’m following her current train of thought.

I don’t “talk” on voice calls on my phone that often. I prefer to talk in person. I’ll text because that is easier and more focused driven for me.

I’m more attentive to my tone, the context in which I say things etc. Plus I can talk continuously. LOL

She doesn’t text, FB, etc so that’s another issue because despite the fact I don’t like all my interaction via social media because of my current lifestyle and entrepreneurship endeavors I’m engaged actively reading and writing.

Them I “hate” anyone that calls me more than once and doesn’t leave a voice message or text message to inform me of their needs.

If you call me and don’t leave a message I usually don’t return the call. I assume if you wanted something of “importance” versus just to talk, then you’d leave a message indicative of such.

Otherwise it’s not important.

Being as though she continues to call me, she will leave a message but it just says call her. I’m thinking for what exactly?

I honestly don’t have time to just talk. When I do there’s specific people that I “make time for or use my time” to call or text and check on.

Just talking with someone especially who is still consumed by people, places and things I’ve left some years ago, I can’t deal with.

I have no comprehension of how honestly because again I can’t really grasp why or how they’re doing some things they’re doing now.

I’m still that girl to my core who was confused by her then and confused but intolerant of her and those like her now.

I hate to be so cut throat about it but we have no relevance in each others lives, outside an expired association. I can’t pay bills with an expired credit card, so how can you benefit from an expired relationship “credit card” when the bank that issued it isn’t in business any longer? Which means you can’t reapply for a new account, card, etc.

Stop being afraid to block “cut up the card and trash it” because you’re clinging to “memories.” Memories are a flaw. A human defect because there’s some things and people we need not remember.

There’s things and people that you’ll see in passing.

Don’t even “feel” anything because a further connection isn’t needed.

Meaning see the people, speak, keep it brief and keep it moving!  Don’t engage in exchanging information. Keep it moving! When you see the things don’t stop. Don’t look back. Keep it moving!

Since I’ve blocked more people out of my heart, and life; great things have happened for my husband, son and myself and actually consecutively and two simultaneously!

It’s a blessing to have gained a strong spirit one filled with confidence and conviction. It’s a blessing to have a deeper understanding of the statement “I’m born alone, I’ll die alone!” I’m appreciative of those in my life but I realize that everyone isn’t meant to remain in your life long-term.

I’m also content with the statement “you’re not on my level” because that’s why there’s people you must block because they’re only there to consume you, not contribute to you.

People want to know about your life, some even want to benefit from it; but only a few will actually do what it takes to be relevant in and beneficial to it.

Be content knowing that what God has for you, no man can put asunder. Blocking someone especially that was toxic won’t block your blessings.

If anything it releases them in abundance!

I’m looking forward to the “peace” that comes along with blocking. I’m looking forward to not having to block at least those I actually know in the future. They’ll always be weirdos and stalkers of some sort.

I’m looking forward to not explaining myself for taking care of myself and my family.

I’m looking forward to my phone not receiving communication from the individuals I’ve blocked.

I encourage you to learn to block out the things and people that you know mean you no good. I don’t care if it’s even your relatives, parents and children aren’t exempt either.

Get rid of people who make you “feel” bad, overwhelmed, stressed out, etc

These people are leeches because they’re sucking you dry.

Why? Because you’re sitting there looking at it leeching off you, you’re panicked and screeching, screaming etc instead of pulling it off you and killing it.

Smh and you wonder why you’re emotionally drained, angry, sad, lonely, etc.

You wonder why you keep financially enabling someone who cares nothing about you and in most cases disrespects you.

You wonder why you can’t get them to help you, yet you’re always there for them in one capacity or another.

Pull that leech off and kill it.

Exterminate (block) so you prevent future occurrences.

I’m so thankful for the blessings of blocking.

Prayer is a blocker. It’s the #1! I still like to disassociate myself in reality and virtually.

I want people to know that “you know” meaning you feel, sense and intellectually confirm what and whose right and wrong for you.

Don’t feel guilty if people don’t fit into your life. Learn to be content with meeting new people and starting fresh while staying strong.

Know that if something or someone isn’t uplifting you then it’s damaging you.

Remember my motto:
“People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑