Put On Blast: Marlo Hampton Says Ex-BFF Nene Leakes Cheats On Hubby Gregg All The Time!

Again ANY “Friend” that “spills the tea, makes vault withdrawals and lays them out, etc
” WAS NEVER” a friend to begin with. Like I’ve said via my @MRS_H_B_I_C Twitter account that Twitter or probably “these reality stars” continued to report and get shut down that “ya’ll can hate NeNe ALL YOU WANT” But the truth is “she paved the way regarding that show in particular meaning that ALL these women who are on the show were and still ARE hand picked by she and Andy Cohen.” Now correct me if I’m wrong, how is it that “after NeNe get’s into it with someone” on the show, if not initially they are ultimately off the show, yes some even going on to have their own reality tv “spin off” show. Again, Marlo is MAD because with all the “men” she get’s she can’t “keep one as her own!” It’s that damned simple. You can’t “Affiliate” with someone that wants your life, or any aspect of it. Marlo desires “a man” who loves her flaws and all, don’t let her conversations or her narcissism fool you. She’s a “lady in waiting” whose MAD just like Kenya Moore. #HBIC


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