#CANDID: Google Me Once, Google Me Twice, I’m happy to know “I’m the constant search query” in your life!


Since everyone “keeps Googling my name” how about you “narrow your results” let me assist you with that…#HBIC #VIRGO #TIFFANY and 
 are most popular hashtags to assist you in “prying into my life!”

Better still why don’t “those who have the actual gal reach out directly to me (202) 681-6244” and ask me all your questions or vent all your frustrations!

What are you cunts and lame dudes going to do once Google updates their features to report the IP Address from which you’re searching me from?

IJS what would you like to know? I can help you! Don’t ask my neighbor (Google) come to me! 

At first, I thought “oh wow!” I’m being “Googled” especially after my Tweet (please see below):

OWN Viewers <ownviewers@harpostudios.com>

Feb 6

to me
 Hi Tiffany!
Thanks for getting back to us! We are interested in using your tweet in an on-air promo in regards to OWN‘s programming. Below is the tweet(s) we hope to use:
“#LoveThyNeighbor great family oriented, southern hospitality humor. ♥ ♥ I’m looking forward to seeing more!”

started being used by the OWN TV Network as promotion for the Tyler Perry show aired on her network “#LoveThyNeighbor” I thought “great” I’m famous now LOL I mean you must be famous when folks start Googling!

Now, it’s a tad irritating because I receive emails “throughout the day” from Google informing me that “my name was Googled again!” It’s increased and expanded because many of you are now Googling my son and my husband’s name!

What’s the sickest part of it all is that I’m 90% certain via my ESP that it’s “people we knew = excommunicated from” who have no other means = portals into our lives and this is their only recourse, because they aren’t bold enough to approach us in real life with their fake asses.

The remaining 10% is the general public who has seen my name, blog, etc online and are intrigued but would like to know more about me, my background, my credentials and more.

Now, I’ve had “numerous” profiles removed online. The only information that’s available to you is “blog related” anything else you won’t get.

I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t have any real estate that’s had a lien, etc on it. I don’t currently have any additional “investments or properties” that are “public record!”

Again, if you’re looking for some detailed information, why not contact me directly? Especially if there’s some financial gain involved! Let’s write this book. Let’s make this movie. Have me come out and be a public speaker.

But don’t try and be sneaky.

Don’t try and “find dirt on me” because I have told people before looking for dirt on me, your ignorant ass is so busy digging that you don’t realize your ass is standing in the very hole you attempted to dig for and throw me in!