Official Farewell to my farce of friends and family

FYI I’m OVER the “farce of friends and family” IF you are seeing me appear “in people you may know” it’s because I’m someone “you MAY know” however haven’t made a “realistic effort” in actually getting to know me.

I’ve reached out via inbox, I’ve even attended events in an attempt to “show you” my LOVE outweighs my mistakes etc and that I can’t change the past, I can ONLY improve the future.

Since you “STILL” obviously harbor some discontent for me and you ALL have decided to NOT reach back out to me realistically yet you “Are more than comfortable” sitting, watching, judging and discussing me “continue to do that at a distance!”

I have a “follow” button for a reason and since you aren’t “here with me” you might as well “follow” me since that’s all you were doing anyway.

My spirit is reincarnated and it’s tired of the spirits it’s encountered century after century and therefore I’m no longer “hoping” for what directly negates reality of people and situations.

It’s pointless and costly.

Time is the one thing you can’t get back once lost, just like feelings well at least mine anyway.

Once I’m done wasting my time and energy ((emotions/feelings)) on you, you cease to exist therefore you must be dismissed because your presence lacks relevance and capacity.

Yes there’s been issues in the past with both sides of my family and even my husband’s family and I’ve done my best to make amends, not take shots at the bullshit I see and feel, but to NO AVAIL.

I mean I’ve posted my number “numerous times” and I haven’t YET to receive a call from any of these people that “claim I’ve wronged them, etc ” yet they are “watching me constantly” NOT communicating with me here on Social media “UNLESS” I reach out first and I’m sitting here thinking to myself, really?

Ok, fuck it.

I have a family! I don’t need or want anyone in my life that’s still living in or holding me to my past.

Actions speak louder than words.