#PSA #Candid “I’m sickened by the cycle so many have become content with!” Ugh….. #SingleParenting #Relationships #Anxiety

Ladies that “list” you have will leave you lonely.

If you don’t possess 50% of the qualities you’re seeking in a mate, especially a husband; please stop wasting his time while ruining his life.

A lot of you have life twisted thinking your antics are acceptable or desirable.

You’re right there’s no good men, because you’re not a good woman to your core therefore all you can attract is what lies within you magnets attract other magnets, so don’t point the finger, wipe off the makeup, pull off the weave, take off the eyelashes and think back to those many late nights and early mornings you’ve had, then ask yourself “am I giving what I’m expecting to receive?”

If you answer that honestly and you make the necessary adjustments, you’ll see your whole world change and your love life improve.

I must admit I don’t believe we’re all meant to be because some people will always choose to live in their free will versus trying to do things by faith and to benefit the greater good not only themselves.

IJS this is my opinion based on my experiences with many of you.

It’s crazy because we “create and raise” the very “type” of men we then in turn complain about, allow to abuse is, wrongfully advise and accuse us, etc..

Hmm when will it end?

Lord, please bless the thoughts, heart and home of the young lady my son is to court in the future especially his first love.

As I listen and look around the pickings are almost non existent especially in regards to the possibility of having to deal with a damaged, bitter or overbearing single mother or an inconsistent passive single father.

Smh lord please bless those that I am to meet in the future, please spare my child and our family not only the nuisance but the turmoil that a family of opposing views, upbringings, etc would cause.

Smh I’m sickened by the cycle so many have become so content with. Ugh