Brains versus Bodies :idea:

As I sit and scroll through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to name a few, I’ve noticed an abundance of “sexually objectifying” pictures that are being glorified.

Yet I’ve seen pictures of other males or females doing something “great” like Graduating High School or College, etc and I don’t see them always receiving the same or more “likes, comments, #RP, etc”

It has bothered even myself. I honestly enjoy “sex” in all it’s forms. Whether it’s conversation, movies, porn, literary work, art, etc. I do enjoy seeing, appreciating, benefitting from, and analyzing it. That’s a #Virgo for you. LOL

Now I’m also a female whose grown into a woman and I’ve been sexually, physically, emotionally and financially abused.

Some abuse was a direct result of me feeding into the “ego stroking” that much of the sexual objectification provides. Other abuse came because I was naive, young in age also, but naive overall.

As I’ve grown and overcame my own “insecurities” that caused me to seek out such sexual objectification it makes me take a longer look into the souls of the person on either end.

It makes me frown on males or females who are strippers, porn stars, adult entertainer in general but have children.

It makes me question their intellect if 90-98% of their entire “current financial and public notoriety status” is based solely on sex.

Mind you “when I was single and NOT a mother” I was going to strip. Three things stopped me: 1). I was underage and knew the fake ID thing wouldn’t last 2). My father was in the strip club where I was “trying out!” 3). It smelled so bad, the women looked awful up close, I saw my life flash before my eyes and I said to myself “Tiffany if there’s a 1% you’ll at least want to be a mother if not a wife one day, you can’t do this. It’s bad enough you’ll have to explain prostituting at an early age, but this will be on record. It’s worse than a few random pictures. You’ll make concrete history. People rarely forget strippers. Not to mention you can finish high school and go to college. You’re smart. Figure out how to get out of this before you ruin your life even more!”

I got the fuck of out there. Thank God without my father seeing me.

It took me a few years to stop completely in the streets. Yet I’ve made it. I haven’t seen the few “strippers and prostitutes” that I knew since then.

They could be dead, incarcerated, or out here homeless. Idk I’ve prayed for them but God gave me a second chance and I’m thankful for it. I can only pray he gave them one also.

Looking at my son and his father each day, I’m glad I made the decisions I’ve made.

I’m thankful that with all my past transgressions many are faded memories or someone’s prized possession.

IJS these are my truths. These are my opinions.

I just urge us all “to ask ourselves” what are we really in need of?
Why do we feel obligated to compete with our physiques?

Has the brain become unattractive because it can’t be seen?

Is it unattractive to those who don’t know how to proudly and properly use their own?

No matter how many times a man tells me “Hello beautiful! Hey sexy!! Mm mm ms lady! etc” it’ll NEVER compare to nor compete with the feeling I have when I’m complimented on “my intellect and all it manifests!” The looks of respect and admiration feel much better going up and down my body, than those wolf like looks of lust.

Sexually I’m aggressive and attractive so I tend to be “attractive” those who assume that’s all I’ve got to offer or care to offer.

Yet intellectually I’m my best!

My mind is more beautiful than my physical features could ever be, because it reflects my spirit which represents the God in me.

My mind is deeper than your hardest thrust into my vagina.

I can take you places with my mind, I’d probably never dare go with you in real time.

Having a husband it’s made me appreciate my intellect even more.
Seeing his sexy hazel eyes sparkle as I speak intellectually is soothing, encouraging and stimulating.

Seeing his face when things “I’ve thought of” he see’s manifesting ((even now in this post)) he’s always encouraged my writing and he makes me fall in love all over again each time he does.

Seeing him sexually aroused during a “conversation or me casually walking around the house” versus all slutty or ostentatious!

I’m just “brain” never really been much “body” and no matter all the crap I claim to want physically, I’m honestly happy having brains.

I refuse to sacrifice my intelligence for my physical appearance.

I refuse to allow other women or men make me feel bad, for stating my opinions, experiences etc.

I refuse to raise my son to think “booty and beauty” outweigh intelligence, humility, loyalty, fidelity and compassion.



Many Men….. 😘 💞My heart bleeds for and beats with you #Poetry #HBICPhilanthropy

Many men go through their lives desiring wives but only getting by whores with knives or cunts with complicated lives.

Many men will never receive “true love and loyalty” alongside fidelity.

They’ll only be placed in misery and guilt trips you see.

Beware of her insecurities. Beware of her overbearing nature. Beware of her control issues. Beware of her high sex drive. Beware of her lack of intelligence.

Understand her gestures as she complains and festers.

Don’t be so quick to shed your condoms. Because no condoms equals a lifetime of problems.

To the women who’ve hurt them….

Having his baby didn’t make him stay. You’re not sad, because you didn’t love him anyway.

Filing child support didn’t make him pay, but you don’t care; because you never loved him anyway.

Stalking him and staying in his life still didn’t make you his wife, but you know deep down you didn’t deserve it because you didn’t love him anyway.

Using his name, isn’t the same as him giving it to you……

He’s lost loved ones and you couldn’t bring yourself to give him a condolence, but it’s understood you didn’t love him anyway.

The only reason you’re up and he’s down is because you kicked him and caused him to fall, and kept your foot on his neck while he was down!

You’d never admit it, because you never loved him anyway.

Remember “he” MADE you relevant! Had it not been for many females getting pregnant, you wouldn’t exist in a man’s timeline of his life. The only reason you’ve acquired a dot — with a short line I might add is because “he tried to love you, live and have a relationship with you!”

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say “all men aren’t deadbeats, many have been beat down!”



All I can say is “once you’re living without either parent” no matter how good or bad they were.

You WILL regret those moments where you thought of them and DID NOT call or go visit. Where you DID NOT bite your tongue. Where you DID NOT say “I Love You” b/c you were upset.

A lot of people “live their lives” in by displaying simultaneous arrogance and ignorance, doing what their told to do, pleasing others instead of doing what their spirit tells them is “right!”

The Bible clearly tells you: You are supposed to HONOR THY MOTHER AND THY FATHER AND YOUR DAYS SHALL BE LONG!

Honestly, I haven’t done that 100%.

I have 100% asked for forgiveness of displaying my arrogance, ungratefulness and rebellion in specific situations. I have been granted by God additional days.

Trust me being here now, is proof.

I urge you “children” regardless of your age to HONOR thy mother and thy father!

STOP “siding” with one parent b/c they “make you believe” things to be one way.

STOP allowing “bitter immature girls” to dictate the relationship with your father, and STOP allowing “unaccountable boys” to dictate the relationship with your mother.

“GATHER FACTS!” Understand “you are to take care of your parents” as they age! Believe what you see and feel. What you hear isn’t always “accurate” especially IF you’re on the receiving end of another person’s manipulative conversation.

Your parents aren’t here to “take care of you” all their lives.

IF your parents are still “supporting you” especially financially and physically because not only are you living “off them” you’re living “with them!”

I urge you “children” to accept your place “as children” whether you’ve procreated (had children yourselves) or not.

I urge you to attempt to “increase your intellect, decrease your arrogance” so that you can evolve into the “adult” you believe yourself to currently be!

Embrace the uncomfortable relationships, within them lies your greatest strengths.

That is all, carry on!

See some photos below of my #Leo Mother Janice Earline Gladden Tyler and my #Aries Father Wilton Slyvester Tyler Jr.

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