All I can say is “once you’re living without either parent” no matter how good or bad they were.

You WILL regret those moments where you thought of them and DID NOT call or go visit. Where you DID NOT bite your tongue. Where you DID NOT say “I Love You” b/c you were upset.

A lot of people “live their lives” in by displaying simultaneous arrogance and ignorance, doing what their told to do, pleasing others instead of doing what their spirit tells them is “right!”

The Bible clearly tells you: You are supposed to HONOR THY MOTHER AND THY FATHER AND YOUR DAYS SHALL BE LONG!

Honestly, I haven’t done that 100%.

I have 100% asked for forgiveness of displaying my arrogance, ungratefulness and rebellion in specific situations. I have been granted by God additional days.

Trust me being here now, is proof.

I urge you “children” regardless of your age to HONOR thy mother and thy father!

STOP “siding” with one parent b/c they “make you believe” things to be one way.

STOP allowing “bitter immature girls” to dictate the relationship with your father, and STOP allowing “unaccountable boys” to dictate the relationship with your mother.

“GATHER FACTS!” Understand “you are to take care of your parents” as they age! Believe what you see and feel. What you hear isn’t always “accurate” especially IF you’re on the receiving end of another person’s manipulative conversation.

Your parents aren’t here to “take care of you” all their lives.

IF your parents are still “supporting you” especially financially and physically because not only are you living “off them” you’re living “with them!”

I urge you “children” to accept your place “as children” whether you’ve procreated (had children yourselves) or not.

I urge you to attempt to “increase your intellect, decrease your arrogance” so that you can evolve into the “adult” you believe yourself to currently be!

Embrace the uncomfortable relationships, within them lies your greatest strengths.

That is all, carry on!

See some photos below of my #Leo Mother Janice Earline Gladden Tyler and my #Aries Father Wilton Slyvester Tyler Jr.

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