Many Men….. 😘 💞My heart bleeds for and beats with you #Poetry #HBICPhilanthropy

Many men go through their lives desiring wives but only getting by whores with knives or cunts with complicated lives.

Many men will never receive “true love and loyalty” alongside fidelity.

They’ll only be placed in misery and guilt trips you see.

Beware of her insecurities. Beware of her overbearing nature. Beware of her control issues. Beware of her high sex drive. Beware of her lack of intelligence.

Understand her gestures as she complains and festers.

Don’t be so quick to shed your condoms. Because no condoms equals a lifetime of problems.

To the women who’ve hurt them….

Having his baby didn’t make him stay. You’re not sad, because you didn’t love him anyway.

Filing child support didn’t make him pay, but you don’t care; because you never loved him anyway.

Stalking him and staying in his life still didn’t make you his wife, but you know deep down you didn’t deserve it because you didn’t love him anyway.

Using his name, isn’t the same as him giving it to you……

He’s lost loved ones and you couldn’t bring yourself to give him a condolence, but it’s understood you didn’t love him anyway.

The only reason you’re up and he’s down is because you kicked him and caused him to fall, and kept your foot on his neck while he was down!

You’d never admit it, because you never loved him anyway.

Remember “he” MADE you relevant! Had it not been for many females getting pregnant, you wouldn’t exist in a man’s timeline of his life. The only reason you’ve acquired a dot — with a short line I might add is because “he tried to love you, live and have a relationship with you!”

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say “all men aren’t deadbeats, many have been beat down!”