Humility in today’s society …..

In today’s society it’s extremely difficult to exhibit humility, especially among those who refuse to be accountable and consistent. However, it’s easier to exhibit humility than it is to engage in conflict majority of the time. People who are unaccountable and inconsistent will reap all that they sow. You must however inform them of their errors, especially as it relates to interacting with you. You must NOT allow these people to “think or believe” that they’ve achieved something. They must be made aware that they are wrong and unacceptable. You must continue to remain steadfast. You must continue to progress against all their opposition and resistance. You must NOT allow their ignorance to ignite your anger, nor consume you. You must separate yourself ultimately from people who are unaccountable and inconsistent, because they are hindrances. When you are on a path that is affording you the opportunity to advance, why would you continue riding on a road that’s currently under construction? Get on the smooth paved road and ride out.