I’m NOT mad, I AM DONE!






One thing about a #Virgo specifically, I #Tiffany #HBIC is that “we do NOT tolerate bullshit!” 

I’m finally in a place where “the bullshit will NOT exist!” 

The past year and even more over the past few months, I’ve ex-communicated from many people. 

I will continue to do so. 

I am NOT mad at anyone. 

I am DONE with many people. 

I DO NOT OWE any of you “an explanation, acknowledgement, humility, and damn sure NOT loyalty” as I haven’t, if I’ve ever, received it from many of you.

You’ve given me your ass to kiss, while putting your nose in the air.

You’ve wished bad on me.

You’ve purposely ignored me, in an attempt to outdo me or you simply enjoyed watching me struggle.

You smite me when you’re doing or feeling as though you’re doing better than me.

You hate me when I show you nothing but love.

You distance yourself once you realize you can’t control me.

You call me selfish because “I take great pride and care of myself regardless!”

You THINK you’re in control of my destiny.

You THINK I need you. 

You ONLY “pretend” to love, respect, and appreciate me “when you need me to do something for your sole benefit!” 


#Tiffany #HBIC #Virgo keeps God 1st. My mother and father are dead. Even when they were alive, they couldn’t scare or control me! 

I am an exceptional person, that ONLY A FEW will ever get to know thoroughly. 

I am NOT mad, I AM DONE! 

I have a right and I deserve to be understood, loved, accepted, supported, promoted and celebrated! 

I DO NOT DESERVE to be looked down upon, left out of the mix, discussed in your huddles, sit downs and judgement filled conversations, without the slightest attempt at “speaking with me” in regards to your concerns; because we’ve had “words in the past” or “because I’m too much for you” or my favorite hidden one “because I have a Bipolar and PTSD diagnosis and my son has an Autism diagnosis!”

Again, understand that I am NOT mad! I AM DONE!