“Papa’s pedophile past”

IF you knew a woman whose dating a man that’s a pedophile & she has a daughter; not by him. You know because he was sexual with you. WWYD?

I’m feeling awkward b/c I see she loves him deeply, yet I’m certain doesn’t know his past.

What man would ever admit to sex w/minor? WWYD?

I’m faced “daily” with a choice to “destroy” someone’s lie, by exposing the truth or “omitting” the truth to protect their life. Smh WWYD?

I can’t say anything. Smh.

Why? I’m certain you’re asking yourself and generally wondering.

EVERY TIME I’ve attempted to “educate or forewarn” a Female about a Male I’ve dealt with or encountered; it backfired.

I’ve avoided her more lately, because my urge to expose him has increased.

It’s PURELY out of concern for her daughter. He was into them.

He was consistently sexually intimate with me. KNOWING I was a minor, where I lived, who my father was, the school I attended, etc.

It’s sad because we as women can be so blinded….

A lot of pedophiles who’ve taken advantage of me as a “minor” child are still out here.

They’re just full grown womanizer’s now.

I’m NOT going to name people specifically because the DMV wouldn’t survive it. Trust me.

However, I will be tactful enough to reveal the truth, without uprooting anyone’s lies that’s created their current life. I’m not on get back. I’m not looking for a big payout either.

I NEED PEACE. I need to know that all I’ve seen, heard and endured wasn’t only for me. That I experienced that so another young woman won’t have to. So another son won’t be ashamed of or without his mother. So another young male or female won’t be ashamed to expose or fight off their pedophile.

These people prey on your weaknesses, insecurities and poverty primarily to satisfy their own insecurities, weaknesses and spiritual poverty, because anyone over age 21 who can view a 10-16 year old “with lust” I don’t give a fuck how sexually open or active she was, you’re a sick motherfucker!

A follower of mine, who’ll I’ll leave anonymous for now ((because I haven’t asked for his permission to include our conversations, although also public in this post) told me to “inform the father!”

Here’s my rebuttal: 

I don’t know directly or of the child’s father. I barely know the child’s mother. I know the male she’s dating all too well though. In a perfect world, that option would be great! 😉
HIM: She should definitely be told. Her feelings are irrelevant when it comes to the safety of her child…
hbic_philanthropyHmm that’s my thoughts, but because of my past negative encounters with women in similar situations it makes me apprehensive, in addition to the fact it’s been 17 years since the incidents occurred and he served time in jail etc. He may not remember me, but I’ll never forget him and seeing their pics, I’m just Smh @HIM my blog post will be a way of “telling” without hurting or interfering because I honestly couldn’t “appropriately” withstand being attacked or ridiculed for trying to help. Plus she’s head over heels in love so I’m already seeing she’s not going to hear me.
hbic_philanthropyHonestly speaking as all else in my life, if it’s meant in God’s will for me to expose him to her, when he moves my spirit nothing and nobody will stop it, not even myself. I’m tired of “being insecure” about these men who I thought cared, etc. I’m in a place where I too need to heal etc. @HIM

Now after having that opportunity to voice my opinion with him over social media, I was left with quiet time to myself. I’ve decided that I won’t be like “super head” and write a tell all book! I had a .5 second thought about writing a tell all blog first as a first part to a 7 part book series.

Then a few “key incidents” played in slow motion in my mind and the thought was killed and buried forever. 

The reason is because “I’m actually ashamed” that it’s taken me this long to “get angry enough” to discuss or even expose these filthy bastards.

My life has changed for the better, some of theirs have also. Only a few have actually done worse or have died as a result of their lifestyles and God’s will.

Another reason is “I’m more than that!”

Meaning, I don’t have anything to prove and I’m NOT about “destroying homes, etc” however if put in a position where someone “demands” information “I can only give you the truth or I’ll stay silent!” 

Next reason is because I’d rather my son NOT “read about incidents” but I’d prefer to tell him the specific details, names, places, etc “IF” he desires that depth of knowledge regarding my past promiscuity. I’ll be certain to inform of him of incidents that closely, if not directly relate to incidents, etc that he may be experiencing with a young woman. 

Last reason, being a #Virgo, I’m extremely private! As public and extroverted as I am and can be, I’m actually 10 ten times as private and as many of you say “sneaky” whereas I prefer to say “tactful!” 

I ONLY want people to know “What I expose” and “how I expose it” IN MY TIME! 

Now, back on topic! 

This post is to “URGE” women to be an “interviewer” when “dating men” EVEN THOSE that you’ve grown up with or around.

Meaning, do your recon. Pull his “public record”, run his name through http://www.bop.gov because it’ll tell you about his “past incarcerations” that he may NOT have mentioned and probably intended on NEVER mentioning to you.

Depending on “how much you’ll want to know, how soon and what you’re willing to sacrifice once the knowledge is obtained” perform an internet bought background check or ask him to give you a copy of his credit report. 

You’d be surprised at the things you’ll find and the time you’ll save! TRUST ME. 

Please, ask questions, “hear answers” but seek truth! 

Women, also be a little more open-minded when other women come to you with information. Every woman that “comes to you” about your man “isn’t hating, doesn’t want him or you, and isn’t being (intrusive) nosey”

SOME are sincerely trying to help, if not SAVE you from your own hell. 

Last but certainly NOT least, please “monitor” your children and their interactions with these men you are dating.

DO NOT be so eager to introduce your children to a man that you haven’t dated “at least 6 months.” I do believe he should “have knowledge” that you have children, how many and the relationship dynamic and status between you and the other parent.

DO NOT be so eager to have a “male role model/influence” in your home.

DO NOT be too comfortable with the male you’re dating being close with your children, especially where physical interaction is involved. 

I’ve seen some “subtle” pedophiles even recently!

I had one incident where a man that was dating an adult woman, was closer and more open with her daughter “about their relationship” than he ever was or would’ve been with the woman he was dating.

It appeared to me that he was “buttering” the daughter up for his own pleasures later, because it made and still at this very moment “makes NO sense” to me as to why he was more comfortable speaking to and with a “child” than to the adult he was actively having sex with and technically living with and dating. 

I also pay close attention to the “context” in which many men make their statements and react thereafter.

Trust some of them “can’t help themselves” and if you’re paying attention you’ll catch it. 

Teach your children about appropriate relationships. Educate them on the fact that if their under the age of 18 anyone 18 or older shouldn’t be “discussing, and damn sure shouldn’t be attempting to engage them physically into sex or drug activities!”

Explain to them and “be sincere” about them being able to “tell you” if anyone was to touch them or converse with them about sexual or drug activity.

Please LISTEN to your children. Please DO your research IF you have ANY doubts about your child or children’s accusations!




IF your child has a special need, i.e., developmental delay or mental illness/condition; PLEASE TAKE HEED!! Use all resources available to you to assist in teaching them about people and incidents such as the aforementioned. 



From age 10- 17 (years 95-02) ANY male that slept with me who was 18 or over IS A PEDOPHILE! 

You all have gotten off “easy” because I was naive, and once I became “knowledgeable” I didn’t care, because I had to survive. I considered myself “doing what needed to be done” NOT realizing nor concerning myself with the overall damage it would cause me, especially, but also others around me in the years to come. 

I’ve recently had to “inform, then check” a pedophile whose 9 years older than I am. This ignorant nigga, REALLY BELIEVES that he helped and loved me! LMAO

He STILL doesn’t get that when I was 13 when we met and he was 22, he’s a pedophile!

He doesn’t think so and even tried to imply that my husband is one because we’re 25 years apart. I confirmed for him, NO SIR! You “knew” I wasn’t 16 as I attempted to lie to you.

My husband “assumed” I was older because we met through mutual friends who are his age. However, upon meeting and interviewing each other “prior to any sex” he learned  I was of legal age, 19 to be exact.

He wasn’t pleased. He was actually ashamed and apprehensive, because I “am” the youngest woman he’s dated since being an adult himself! He also has daughters just a few “steps” behind me, son’s a few steps ahead of me; so trust me I totally understood the initial shame and apprehension. 

There were even two women who were “poverty pimps” they “wanted me to believe” and recently attempted to “convince me” yet again, they love and care for me.

LMAO yet, 98% of my entire “residency” with them consisted of me “providing” for them through degrading or enslaving myself. They were madame’s if you will! I wasn’t quite a minor, but I was “the youth”16-19 to be exact during that time and they, especially your “grave deep ass” took sole advantage of “my desire for a better future!”

The head madame, really “thought” she had me. No bitch! I am DONE with “motherfuckering leeches!” 

This is what “pedophiles, rapists, molesters, DO!

They “convince you” that they’re helping you, meanwhile they’re actually helping you to hurt yourself while pleasing them!

They “convince you” that you need them, they love you, nobody will ever come along and help you etc as they do.

ALL the while “you’re exchanging money and sex with them, ONLY to receive insecurity, paranoia, distrust, lustful flesh,etc.”

Point made is “a man” WON’T want any parts of a child! A “nigga” “cunt” “coon” “boy” “leech” etc will “use and abuse” anyone and anything to appease him or herself! 

Again, understand this posts and “those that’ll follow” ARE NOT to “expose the people” IF you are seeking “confirmation” of who I’m referencing I highly advise you “to get some business!” 

This post is “for informational and reference purposes ONLY!” 

This post is for me to “free myself” of the spiritual bounds it’s held on me for so long.

This post gave me the chance to finally “let go” and let God deal with ya’ll. 

I’ve been blessed and I’m continuing to be blessed, even via this post right now! 

As my fingers strike each key I feel a litte lighter, because my silent crying at night while everyone sleeps can finally begin to diminish. 

Finally I can sleep “knowing” I won’t see your face, hear your voice or have to acknowledge your presence. For those I’ve recently seen, know that God ONLY did that to show me “his power, grace and mercy!” IT WAS NOT, I REPEAT…… IT WAS “NOT” THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYER! 

You’re a “leech” and your partner in crime is too. You can break away from her, to save your life literally. I’ve witnessed this myself. I admired you at one time and I upon my departure pitied you and I pity you more now. After 10 years you’d think you grew your own back bone or at least strengthen what you had and were confident enough and physically able to stand upright with your head held high! 

I avert, because your “disability” isn’t my concern, because God continues to show off my “abilities!” 

I pray that those “few” aforementioned people and incidents that I’ve discussed were a wide enough eye opener for many of you! 

We live in a very cruel and corrupt world. I don’t wish paranoia on anyone, however I do pray that many of you become “attentive and accountable” not only for yourselves, but especially for your children as you’re evolving and allowing people to enter in or exit your lives. 

Keep in mind, that there’s a little devil in every angel, because the devil is a fallen angel. 

P.S. to all the women like myself who “did not” snitch because of shame, being naive, being vulnerable and immature, believing you were truly being loved because you were infatuated with the idea of loving and being loved, etc. PLEASE DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! 

I REPEAT, DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF for any of the incidents you underwent or for another young ladies incidents. I hate to admit, even if you had reported your crime in a timely fashion etc, it doesn’t STOP intent! 

A person’s intent is where the tragedy begins, not when a naive or desperate young male or female is “preyed” upon by a conscious, calculating, arrogant, pedophile! 

Know that the Lord God our Father which is art in Heaven, is the Almighty and they will be brought to justice in one form or another, but in his time!