#Candid “Black/African Americans Consumed by Consumerism Pt. 2” Are you more focused on the here and now, than the future?

“How many of you have at least what you’ve invested into your child’s wardrobe, electronics, being their friend and prom” SAVED towards their college fund, becoming an adult getting their own place fund, their funeral expenses (because your child isn’t guaranteed to make it to adulthood), etc many of us weren’t  guaranteed it;  so that should be where the money is really being spent on.

SOME Black folks are always trying to “appear to be living a life” they have NO ambition on actually attaining!! 

The few Blacks who are actually “rich not only financially but in character” have a entirely different perspective and behaviors towards life. They don’t spend “excessively” on clothing etc trying to impress others!

Their success impresses others and their “wardrobe, accessories, homes, cars, etc” are simply “things that make them comfortable and proud of their success!”

However I know “rich” people who live quite modestly because they know the true value of a dollar and they are more in tune with the corruption and distractions that consumerism causes than all you claiming to be “ballers and bosses!”

My son is “oblivious” to consumerism. It has NOTHING to do with the fact he’s diagnosed with Autism but it has everything to do with “his upbringing!” My son is being raised to be modest and humble at all times, however he’s encouraged “to live and enjoy himself” without being ostentatious!

He isn’t into Jordans, KD’s, etc he doesn’t even know who they are really! LMAO He knows who Bradley Beal is though! He knows who Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali are though. He can tell you about Benjamin Franklin and many more.

I encourage us as a people to STOP influencing and encouraging “these appearances” and start “enforcing” educational requirements, basic life skills, job readiness skills, career preparation skills, socialism, and more!

Let’s STOP allowing “labels” to give or take away confidence! STOP allowing “labels” to indicate where you are in life! STOP rewarding “ignorance” with gifts that further breed their ignorance, disrespect, false sense of entitlement and procrastination. Let’s STOP looking to obtain things and let’s actually “MAINTAIN” our lives within our lifestyles.

I want to see more homeowners that are regular people (making over 15,000 yearly but under 75,000 yearly)! I want to see more college graduates! I want to see more of our children “wanting and inquiring about entrepreneurship and internship opportunities!” I want our children to have trust funds! I want us to teach our young men and women the importance of respecting and embracing each other within our culture.

That’s all for now.