“Girls are Insecure and Inferior; while Women are Superb and Superior!”


Good Morning My Loves!

So “as usual” girls are having “issues” with me that aren’t relevant! I say that to say “why are you so mad, concerned with, worried about” what, who and when I did anything “in my past?”

That’s right; I’m still “friends with or connected to” your “dude!”

Let me first “educate you” on a few things that as you mature or claim to mature; you’ll need to take heed to!

IF you believe or know that your man has been intimate with a “female” prior to you and that time-frame exceeds 2 years prior to you meeting and dating; then your issues are based solely on your insecurity and inferiority towards a females whose presence you can’t comprehend or compete with.

A female from a male’s past should NOT be an issue “UNLESS” she’s “caused a direct issue” within your “present relationship!”

So IF you have “snooped on him etc then you aren’t justified to “address anything you may have found, misinterpreted, etc” because everything isn’t as it seems! Some things simply aren’t your damn business because that’s a bond that you didn’t begin and you won’t be able to end! (Hence why I said you can’t comprehend or compete with it)

I am a woman! I do NOT concern myself with my husband’s past, with the exception of the “childish antics I had to address in several situations” and I haven’t heard a murmur since from those who at one time were quite eager to be “relevant in his present” when they weren’t prepared to handle him fully in the past!

I’ve had at least 1 so called friend want to have sex with him knowingly; I see the new friends on his Facebook; I see some of his exes friends and relatives keeping a watchful eye; I even have seen things he doesn’t know that I’ve seen and it’s nothing to me!

I know my place, my worth and my potential; therefore I need NOT address any female that again isn’t causing an issue in my present!

So long as you don’t catch your man with his pants down in your home, leave him alone!

I encourage you girls to “avoid” calling, stalking, emailing, contacting in any way form or fashion ….. “women” especially women like myself because if I ever “wasted time to address you accordingly” I’d end your world as you know it!

The things “I know” about him you may NEVER know; this applies vice versa.

The reason I’m still in his life isn’t for you to question or understand; you are either to respect it or be without him! This too applies to myself and my friends both male and female, because being bisexual I have both men and women I’ve been intimate with in the past, but we’ve been able to maintain a somewhat distant yet platonic relationship over the years.

Again, it’s too hot this summer and you’re all too old for all these “tantrums” IF more “females and males” focused on “being everything or close to everything for their spouses” then you wouldn’t have the time or energy to worry about “who or why someone from their past remains in their present!”

A lot of girls are insecure and inferior while women are superb and superior. Know the difference and don’t say I didn’t forewarn you.