Be and do you, because what’s for you will always be for you!


(the picture above is one of my favorites because I am a woman, however the statement & my blog post below is applicable to both men & women)

I don’t like cowards or people who are silently competitive with me, for no reason; especially when everything I’m doing benefits us. It never seeks to amaze me at how people who claim to support you, secretly envy & attempt to block your efforts when theirs are hindered in some way or fail entirely.

There’s always someone who will see you moving & because they believe that what they’re doing or working on, will manifest before yours; they’re content with watching you “struggle.” The moment your efforts manifest into something tangible, they’ll go into panic mode & begin on a non-stop pursuit to catch up or block you entirely!

Don’t allow this to put fear in you, don’t allow this to slow you down, don’t allow this to cause you to doubt the process in which your blessings are to manifest themselves.


Believe me I am currently watching, listening, but most importantly internally LMAO because I am being blessed & there’s a person, if not a few people who simply can’t stand that it isn’t them.

Recently, I have worked hard to overcome personal & professional boundaries that I believed would hinder my ability to accomplish the very things I have accomplished in the past few months, however I kept my faith & my stride!

I am now awaiting a final confirmation before I step into one blessing, prior to birthing my second child.

Yes, if you didn’t already know, I have also been blessed with the opportunity to birth another child, after experiencing fertility issues & trying to get pregnant for the past nine years!

Funny how God’s timing is never based on the watches we wear or the calendars we keep! What’s meant to be will be, & what isn’t, won’t!

All I can say is pray, plan, & press forward; despite what others think & do, because “what’s for you will ALWAYS be for you!”