When you’ve outgrown certain people and things, nothing remains the same!

I’m maturing extremely fast. There’s so much that I no longer think about & damn sure don’t want to partake in. I’m not perfect but I’m conscious! I’ve learned that people will pretend to wish you well, only to stand on the sidelines & watch you suffer.

I’ve learned most listening ears are running mouths if not quietly envious. I’ve learned people can have more than you & still be envious of you. I’ve learned once people know your weaknesses whether it be sex, drugs, money, etc they’ll pretend to be your friend or even claim to love you; only to exploit you & they won’t support you 100% no questions asked or attempts to pull you in once you’ve decided to change for the better.

I’ve learned you’re not truly in love until you don’t want to, you don’t think about cheating anymore; not only sexually but emotionally & financially. I’ve learned some people are so ignorant & desperate to be wanted they’ll date someone else’s spouse in belief they’ll have a great relationship & then wonder why they have issues! Understand usually if a person cheats with you, they’ll eventually cheat on you! Not to mention if you dealt with them while they were married or legally separated but not divorced, they’ll never belong to you! They didn’t to begin with.

I’ve learned people have children they resent & use as pawns in their bitter battles, yet are too selfish & desperate to admit it & give the children a better life with someone who’ll take care of & love them genuinely. They’d rather overcompensate with materialistics! I’ve learned people are having children, living together, etc but don’t want to get or claim not to be ready for marriage. I’ve learned some are so desperate to be acknowledged as an adult they’re having children but are technically children themselves because they have nothing of their own but cellphones, tattoos, & a lot of clothes & emotional baggage!

I’ve learned people who are from you or your spouses past will try to make them or you out to be terrible people but can’t tell you why they’ve never remarried or found a love like what they had in you or your spouse. I’ve learned blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family.

I’ve learned some people won’t ever advance their way of living or thinking, no matter how much damage it’s causing them, their children, or their loved ones.

I’ve learned that what’s truly meant for you will always be for you! I’ve learned I’ll irritate some people with this, others I’ll enlighten.

Either way I’m content & satisfied with the woman I am.