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As an addendum to a discussion from LinkedIn …..

I believe companies should embrace implementing the “shadowing” approach as it relates to recruitment & retention. I enjoyed shadowing a coworker, as it gave me hands-on experience regarding my daily responsibilities. At the end of shadowing, any experience I didn’t come into the company with, had been gained.

I KNOW having “Senior (more experienced) staff” provide the guidelines/expectations of the employee, yet gives them space/time to grow (90 days minimum) is best. It’s funny how managers forgot what is was like “obtaining their first job” & how terrible they probably did their first day(s).

Empathy goes a long way in increasing employee morale & retention. I chose NOT to remain at companies once I believe/confirmed my skillset wasn’t efficient enough to maintain the job/look at growth potential, my boss didn’t seem concerned with assisting me in acquiring the educational background to make up for what I lacked in experience, or my boss wouldn’t give me additional responsibilities so I could attain experience.

It is very difficult to gain experience, when opportunities are scarce/restricted. More employers need to embrace “entry level” positions b/c it would also reduce cost of hiring temp agencies & increase retention.


*Thoughts anyone?*