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HBIC_PHILANTHROPY started when I was very young, approximately seven years of age and not only my mother; but my paternal grandmother told me that I was "an old soul" because of the things I used to say and do. My father eventually begin to say "you little b^%$# what do you think you're in control or in charge around here?" Hence the mentality and alter ego "HBIC" was born! My mother took great pride in my concise intuition "ESP" at such at an early age, in addition to my investigative side. My mother was an Educator by nature, although she was a Nursing Professional. I was great at "finding out things" and "putting things together." There were often times she confided in me, regarding "coming to grips with things" and making decisions. My grandmother, however, was in awe and often times in direct opposition with my "old soul" because I was too in tune with the nonsense that she and my father had going on. My grandmother too, confided in me and depended upon me to assist her in various aspects, simply to maintain the farce of a home she and my father had. I've practically been an Administrative/HR consultant since age seven. I've always been a confidant. Despite me being an open book "at times" I'm an extremely private, and reserved person to my core. I have a niche, that's truly God given. When I write, people.... read. When I speak, people.....listen. When I walk, people.....stop and stare! There's just something about me that connects me to people. Whether people like or hate me, they can definitely say I'm truly unforgettable! You'll never meet another like me! I'm not always right, but honestly speaking, I'm seldom entirely wrong! I have an opinion and I'm going to give it. I have a story and I'm going to tell it. FYI: I am virtually, previously and also known as "Virgo Tiffany, Notable Tiffany, Theophany Dionysus, KeepingIt1000%, and That_Bitch_You_Love_2_Hate." "I'll be your #VaultKeeper or #SpiritEater ~ you decide!"

People/tests of buoyancy in your life will either be a “stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block” ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable ~‪#‎HBIC‬TIFFANY #hbicphilanthropy ~ #MyLifeIsMyMessage #spiritualawakening #VibrateHigher ….


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Helping you will NOT hinder me

Too often people get upset when others don’t “help them” b/c they have a false sense of entitlement

My issue with “being selfless” is that “users” don’t have a cutoff.

Givers are afraid to STOP giving, for fear of “blocking a blessing!”

that’s where “discernment comes in at”

USERS – They’ll use you LITERALLY while you’re on your death bed, b/c they are leeches.

They are disguised as your parents, children, spouses, exes in need of help, coworkers who need you, a friend, sometimes even friends of friends…..

I HIGHLY SUGGEST …. taking heed to trials I’ve lived through, and triumphs I’m preparing for ….. CALCULATE YOUR WORTH THEN ADD 100% INTEREST AND 50% TAXES

and you’ll see where your TRUE loyalties lie. I’ve learned that people have enjoyed “receiving services from me” FOR FREE! yet once I say oh I can do it but it’s going to cost you $_____ I get a lot of “back talk” … such as: “oh for real Tiff, oh damn you can’t just do it for me this last time or this one time”


PAY ME and then we can proceed. Otherwise, I lack the knowledge and skills you’re seeking.

If you choose not to, fine; then all I ask is that you do NOT complain, vent, or ask me for advice when you’re suffering through the consequences of NOT heeding a warning and NOT using your common or acquired sense!



PARENTS: Do you do “character checks” on your children?

I’d like to know if parents are ACTUALLY “parenting” these days!

Recently, I’ve seen an increase in social media posts discussing children under the age of 16, who are engaged in sexually inappropriate conversations, media sharing and behaviors.

How are “children” getting into all of this “without the parent’s knowledge?”

Social Media + Technology + an unsupervised, unloved, or overlooked child = a detrimental situation, temporarily or permanently.

I, b/c of my upbringing, pride myself in the M.O. of performing “character checks” on my children; especially my son diagnosed with Autism (High Functioning) who will be 13 next year.

A character check simply consists of ensuring that his activities/apps/relationships are age and intellect appropriate.

I perform these checks consistently, yet randomly. Consistently b/c the checks take place every 3 months. Randomly b/c he never knows, nor do I, when the check will take place.

I’m very intuitive to everything and everyone.

There’s been times I’ve instinctively checked his phone and seen that he’s visited a porn site viewing women.

We then talk about what he’s viewing, why he’s viewing it and if he’s already engaging or considering engaging soon. We discuss the emotional aspects, the health aspects and more.

EVERY child denies that they are “considering engaging soon” b/c it’s embarrassing, it makes them anxious b/c they don’t understand everything happening to them (the arousal, the opposite sex all of a sudden smelling different, making them feel different when they’re near, etc) and it is our job as their parents to NOT make them think this is “green light” to become promiscuous, but we must ensure even more, that we don’t make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to speak with us about it.


If you’re a parent and you can’t “sense” when your child is in: distress, frustrated, angry, happy, etc then you’re NOT parenting as you should be!

I am NOT apologizing for that.

I am beyond livid with parents who believe that b/c they “pay” for the best schools, to live in the best neighborhoods, wear the latest fashions, etc that they are parenting!

LMAO honey you are “leasing” parenting but you are NOT parenting.

Parenting to me is making sacrifices that supersede your own personal needs and wants.

Parenting to me is “being in tune” with your offspring b/c your primary purpose here on Earth is to procreate. Therefore if you’re blessed with offspring, you must teach (guide), protect and provide for them, until they can do for themselves; then later return those blessings to you in your elder years. 

What are your thoughts or methods of operation?



Be grateful ……

Life is short.

Life is what you make it.

ALWAYS strive to be the “best version of yourself/maximize your full potential”


I have seen people that were “on top” hit rock bottom “simultaneously” as those they were “looking down on” were rising to the top.

I am grateful for all my experiences EVEN those that “I caused due to poor decision making!”

We all have different life paths to travel, b/c all our life purposes aren’t the same, but they will align.

While you’re watching others, you’re failing to see what’s right in front of you.

The last two years have been amazing and simultaneously painful. I have wanted to give up and I have wanted to propel forward.

I am currently just basking in gratefulness, b/c despite all that’s happened negatively to me and around me, I’m blessed beyond measure.

Being grateful can really make a positive impact ….. try it and you’ll see!!



#Candid… “Females, stop being selfish, stubborn and snobbish and start being submissive = supportive!” #Relationships #Communication #Longevity #Success

*from 4 years ago, time, date, etc unknown*

Most females are fake as shit.

They’re little girls “to their core” who throw tantrums and indulge in juvenile antics!

They’ll use their kids to instigate their antics and spy on their behalf.

They’re never to blame.

The story is usually: The man isn’t doing her right, yet she’s physically and financially abusing him and people in his family etc it’s a mess, I’m livid so fuck them all.

Now to lay my “cards” (reality) on the table, I’m NOT pleased with myself because I must be mindful of my  “underlying intentions, actions, and reactions; while watching my words, the context in which I use them in and my tone.”

I’ve noticed my husband let’s it roll off his shoulders but the irritation lies in his eyes.

The pain is felt with his distance at times.

I’m hurting him.

I believe some things I’ve said and done honestly disgust him, despite my justification or the truth I’ve spoken; but his love for me and belief in my potential allows him to endure.

“this is my opinion” he MAY feel differently.

Some people “are” creatures of habit you know, but I digress!

I’m allowing my son to witness it then I feel bad or end up correcting Jr for something similar or for disrespecting his father and that’s fake.

I can’t be fake.

I have to be real.

To be real, every moment of everyday I remain conscious of my words the context I’m using them in and my tone because my husband does that with me. I can tell by him taking deep breaths in, long pauses etc.

Back to my initial point though, I don’t like a conniving cunt. ALWAYS wanting her way.

NEVER submitting = being supportive of her man and the greater good.

Oh selfish cunts.

They want oral sex, sex, anal sex, etc though.

These whores want their pockets lined, though don’t they? But won’t compromise to save their, their children’s, their loved ones lives etc from misery Smh

But no… Females would rather “go in” simply because she’s pissed.  That’s little girl style. Not a woman.

Women are humble. Women use their words more than they acknowledge their emotions.

Females “girls” don’t understand a man needs a decent supportive spouse that “eases his stress” versus adding to it. A woman who supports his dreams especially when she disagrees because that might be his saving grace; his destiny.

Not always thinking what you want is right or what he’s capable of giving, it applies vice versa.

Women understand its about “support” not domination.

Girls on the other hand, view support as submission and submission is negative. Not comprehending that to be submissive is to be supportive. Supporting someone isn’t always about “having control or receiving recognition.”

Sometimes it’s simply about being the beam that the building is standing on that everyone passes by and never notices, but is fully aware is there securing the building in which they occupy.

It’s okay to “stay at home and tend to the children.” With all the things that are happening in the world it’s nice to see “domesticated, housewives!”

I am pursuing my own entrepreneurial endeavors however it’s based around “my life as a mother primarily and wife secondarily.” Being a mother is permanent and although being a wife should be, in today’s world, that’s unrealistic to “assume” that it will be.

However, I’m seeing such an “increase” in the amount of “single, independent, money hungry, label obsessed, etc” types of females that I’m not certain if women like myself who seek to live a life loosely based on the word of God, will stand a fighting chance.

I’ve gone under extreme scrutiny on a the few jobs I’ve had since becoming a mother and a wife. My “primary responsibilities” were always questioned. My supervisors were always “complementing my work” yet “disregarding” my “REAL LIFE!”

Working for a company is a “small piece” to the huge puzzle of my life!

I used to view the word “submission” in a negative light, until I realized when I was about “18” when my father died that submission is “being supportive in ax extremely humble manner where you digress from opposition completely.”

Once I learned that being submissive = supportive didn’t take anything from me, especially in regards to supporting my man, well now my husband; I actually learned that it added to me.

It gave me a stronger sense of self when I accepted that there was no need to “try and do things as a man does” or to “outdo a man” simply for the purpose of saying “I did this.”

I’m an executor by nature. Again, I labeled myself #HBIC at 7 years old and will maintain that title and capacity until I breathe my last breath!


#CANDID: MALES why are you “allowing” yourself to be abused? In the name of love? Because you have children? You’re chivalrous? Etc. You have a right to stand up for yourself or end things once you’ve reached your wit’s end!! #Relationships #Abuse #Communication #TurningPoints

*from 4 years ago, date,etc unknown* 


IDC who she “was” to you.

I’ve seen “countless women” in my husband’s inbox, email, etc and I’ve NEVER gone into his phone and contacted any of them b/c that’s his job to “quarantine or check” any and everything that he believes to be inappropriate, etc. there’s no cure for an insecure woman.

She’ll only “find other means” to attempt to run or snoop on your life.

When a women shows you how grimy, insecure, and childish she is “the first time” believe her and keep it moving.

Don’t waste your time “hoping she’ll change or restricting yourself b/c she has trust issues that start from within” I swear I’m sick of these got damned insecure childish ass females that keep screaming they’re women!

Yeah right, sit your weak ass down somewhere! I’m praying you get rid of her versus altering your lifestyle… 

My point is that “he knows damn well how crazy I was and still am…” however he also knows “how narcissistic I am” and how I “know my place” in any man’s life that I’m dealing with in any capacity especially my mate (my husband rather since I’ m currently married).

Women need to be “checked or left” at the first incident, not given “The benefit of the doubt” too many men give! 

Davey Crockett you’re good LOL I always “intrigue people” especially when I’m the only woman who bashes female antics versus getting with them.

My testerone level is always at 60 or more so I can’t empathize with female antics b/c I don’t live or function in them! 

 #HBIC #TIffany #Virgo.…. here. Pun intended for all “girls” pretending to be “women!” …. AGE isn’t indicative of maturity and once “men” understand that, they’ll be better off.

My husband is 25 years my senior and with all my flaws I’m his ideal mate, b/c there’s no competition with a “woman” b/c a girl can’t compete with or compare to her.

I’ve done him better and handled things even when livid “as a woman” than the “girls” he’s previously had children/relationships with.

See I’m not about “appearing to be” …. 

I’m about “Being” what I say I am………. without a shadow of a doubt.

At the end of the day, a mammal “will be a mammal” you understand.

Sexually we are all attracted and gravitated towards one another at some point in time and space.

The maturity comes in when you’re able to recognize this reality, not indulge in it or not be consumed by the emotions in brings that distorts our perception of reality.

I’m actually writing a blog post loosely based on a similar topic about women who are abusive to the men in their lives especially their children’s father and what men can do to prevent or check this behavior and deformation that so many of you face…

I could go on but the way my Moscato is setup …… LOL

I welcome your thoughts, comments, or suggestions……