#PSA #Autism Sleeping patterns, sensory overloads, and growth spurts


Above please see the pictures of #Jr #Autism #Gemini.

He’s slept “late” meaning way past 5:30am for the past two days. Now the past two days he’s experienced “sensory overloads.” Which are directly related to the “brightness of the sun, the tones and volumes on the tv, tablet, etc.

Due to an incident that occurred on Saturday, my tone of voice and disciplinarian actions/volumes also caused a sensory overload. 

Jr’s also been staying up late for the last week, because he’s on Spring Break. Now that Spring Break is “nearing it’s end” it’s time to get him back on track. 

I have noticed that since “2010” diagnosis that he has growth spurts that don’t necessarily occur annually. He’s going through another growth spurt right now, because his teeth are coming in, he’s getting taller, he’s getting hair on his face, legs, arms, etc. He’s also expanding his vocabulary and thought processes. 

I have to make conscious decisions to “force Jr down to nap.” He needs to nap because as he get’s older the sensory issues seem to get better and not as irritating, however “the energy that he exerts to suppress the irritation or to self soothe” still drains him and he needs rest like any other person with #SpecialNeeds to rejuvenate!

I have also revised his “recreation time” in the house so that’s it’s broken down into intervals. He uses the computer, the tablet, watches tv, reads books, free plays with his father primarily and myself secondarily, in addition we go outside and allow him to free play and play structured activities also.

His “naps or sleeping late” are meditative therapy for Jr. It works. I find that “everytime” he’s rejuvenated he’s more “alert, aware and accountable” overall! 

I’m currently “planning” to expand his recreational and educational activities to give him more balance and more structure at the same time. 

He needs more educational activities to stimulate and increase his intellectual capacity and curiosities, in addition to recreational activities to exert the abundance of energy he has that he uses primarily for “stemming or self soothing” behaviors to maintain his composure especially in a restricted environment like school, church, etc. 

He’s currently playing on the tablet as I’m blogging. Once he comes back upstairs since he’d slept so late, he’ll be allowed to watch tv. 

To my surprise and joy, he LOVES watching WETA Kids on his own. He LOVES “Sid the Science Kid, Caillou, WordGirl, etc” and those are the “educational activities” that stimulate and increase his intellectual capacity and curiosities. 

I must reluctantly admit that he does also enjoy “Boondocks, Family Guy, American Dad etc” it actually helps with that stemming and self soothing that he does, because it allows him to “be himself uninhibited” and that his father and I really enjoy; despite the fact that we have to “explain to him” the things that “he already knows” but doesn’t quite comprehend are inappropriate and not at all age appropriate. 

I always tell Jr those shows are your version of Mommy’s wine! We both LOL

I’m grateful for the times when Jr’s resting “Well!” I enjoy seeing him resting because I know that he needs it. I encourage parents to incorporate “napping” into their child’s schedule, especially the older they get. 

Growing up with Bipolar Disorders and recently being given an additional diagnosis of PTSD; I’ve learned to appreciate a “nap” here and there because it really helps protect and maintain not only your mental health but your overall physical health as well! 

For tips on creating or revising your schedules, making visual supports, creating activities, etc. Please feel free to email me at: tiffanyatsunshine@gmail.com also feel free to text me (202) 681-6244. Please include at the very least, your first name “or your preferred name. 

Understand all inquiries etc, will be responded to “no later than 48 hours” from the time of receipt. 

Remember my motto and keep the faith and keep pressing forward. 

“Autism isn’t a disability, it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!” 



#Autism anxiety, impulses, and imagination

Originally Posted Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I’usually intrigued and impressed by Jr’s ability to work through his anxiety, impulses and imagination. 

There’s often times where I’m frustrated because Jr is “in his head” & not in the present. I’ve learned that his imagination overlaps his perception and processing of reality.

For example, he will hear me say I need to talk to you Jr, but you’ve got to be ready to receive Mommy seriously. Yet he’ll sit there seemingly attentive, until……

An “impulsive” thought crosses his mind, then his smile begins to manifest itself. Now when this happens, I haven’t lost him completely but he’s drifting.

I’ve had to accept this to “an extent” is self soothing/disengaging behavior                        that assists him in processing the world he lives in.

I also allow him time and space to “be autistically free.” Meaning he’s allowed to talk about his superheros; we even let him put on the costume for short periods of time; he plays superhero squad abs various games both educational and recreational online frequently; he also draws pictures and uses his blocks to build objects that coincide with his imagination or redundant recollection of things, movies, etc he fixates on.

Now, lately I’ve begun to teach Jr how and where to “try” to control at least the impulse (urge) to make superhero sounds, talk about superheros, etc. so that as he gets older he’ll be able to focus and be attentive throughout his educational and professional life/endeavors.

When all else fails… Jr is given downtime; where I determine what he’ll watch; he gets an additional bath to calm his nerves; I’ll have him write about what he’s thinking about; utilize his anxiety by having him complete chores to tire him out while   simultaneously teaching him the art of earning (work ethic) and giving him the activity’s of daily living he’ll need to be  successfully independent in the future; the last resort is no electronic stimulation and lights out.

I urge those of us whose loved ones on the spectrum that are verbal, to attempt               to alter some of their behaviors but not blatantly discouraging it, but encouraging alternative methods of expression as the aforementioned.

For those of us whose loved ones are non verbal, I pray that with the assistance of visual supports and sign language you’re able to connect with them, as well as teach them                                       to communicate with us. 

We must do our best to assist and accommodate them also.


Awesome With #Autism

Originally Posted Friday, June 21, 2013

Extraordinary with Autism, speaks for itself!Don’t allow anyone, including yourself, cause you to feel, believe, or accept anything opposing.I created this as an essential and founding piece of Jr’s self esteem. I need Jr to accept and embrace who he is; in addition to identifying the characteristics associated with Autism which “labels” some of who he is.

In my opinion, Autism like “Dr.,” is a label, used to specifically identify certain types of backgrounds and characteristics in certain types of individuals; not them entirely.

I do not believe or accept that Autism is the person. I only accept it as an identifying label, not a biography.

We as parents have to embrace the label, and demand respect for it; as we do with Dr.

Instead of saying things like: my child is Autistic or my child suffers from Autism. Try saying: “I have a child who has been (diagnosed with) labeled with Autism; I have an Awesome child with Autism; or I have a child who has Autism.”

By saying this we unconsciously and eventually consciously feel “positive” in regards to our children’s behaviors (Characteristics) and diagnosis.

We also begin to act and react positively. To naturally establish and maintain self esteem, a child diagnosed with Autism has to see, hear, and feel your positive-ness; in order for them to reciprocate.