#Candid… “Females, stop being selfish, stubborn and snobbish and start being submissive = supportive!” #Relationships #Communication #Longevity #Success

*from 4 years ago, time, date, etc unknown*

Most females are fake as shit.

They’re little girls “to their core” who throw tantrums and indulge in juvenile antics!

They’ll use their kids to instigate their antics and spy on their behalf.

They’re never to blame.

The story is usually: The man isn’t doing her right, yet she’s physically and financially abusing him and people in his family etc it’s a mess, I’m livid so fuck them all.

Now to lay my “cards” (reality) on the table, I’m NOT pleased with myself because I must be mindful of my  “underlying intentions, actions, and reactions; while watching my words, the context in which I use them in and my tone.”

I’ve noticed my husband let’s it roll off his shoulders but the irritation lies in his eyes.

The pain is felt with his distance at times.

I’m hurting him.

I believe some things I’ve said and done honestly disgust him, despite my justification or the truth I’ve spoken; but his love for me and belief in my potential allows him to endure.

“this is my opinion” he MAY feel differently.

Some people “are” creatures of habit you know, but I digress!

I’m allowing my son to witness it then I feel bad or end up correcting Jr for something similar or for disrespecting his father and that’s fake.

I can’t be fake.

I have to be real.

To be real, every moment of everyday I remain conscious of my words the context I’m using them in and my tone because my husband does that with me. I can tell by him taking deep breaths in, long pauses etc.

Back to my initial point though, I don’t like a conniving cunt. ALWAYS wanting her way.

NEVER submitting = being supportive of her man and the greater good.

Oh selfish cunts.

They want oral sex, sex, anal sex, etc though.

These whores want their pockets lined, though don’t they? But won’t compromise to save their, their children’s, their loved ones lives etc from misery Smh

But no… Females would rather “go in” simply because she’s pissed.  That’s little girl style. Not a woman.

Women are humble. Women use their words more than they acknowledge their emotions.

Females “girls” don’t understand a man needs a decent supportive spouse that “eases his stress” versus adding to it. A woman who supports his dreams especially when she disagrees because that might be his saving grace; his destiny.

Not always thinking what you want is right or what he’s capable of giving, it applies vice versa.

Women understand its about “support” not domination.

Girls on the other hand, view support as submission and submission is negative. Not comprehending that to be submissive is to be supportive. Supporting someone isn’t always about “having control or receiving recognition.”

Sometimes it’s simply about being the beam that the building is standing on that everyone passes by and never notices, but is fully aware is there securing the building in which they occupy.

It’s okay to “stay at home and tend to the children.” With all the things that are happening in the world it’s nice to see “domesticated, housewives!”

I am pursuing my own entrepreneurial endeavors however it’s based around “my life as a mother primarily and wife secondarily.” Being a mother is permanent and although being a wife should be, in today’s world, that’s unrealistic to “assume” that it will be.

However, I’m seeing such an “increase” in the amount of “single, independent, money hungry, label obsessed, etc” types of females that I’m not certain if women like myself who seek to live a life loosely based on the word of God, will stand a fighting chance.

I’ve gone under extreme scrutiny on a the few jobs I’ve had since becoming a mother and a wife. My “primary responsibilities” were always questioned. My supervisors were always “complementing my work” yet “disregarding” my “REAL LIFE!”

Working for a company is a “small piece” to the huge puzzle of my life!

I used to view the word “submission” in a negative light, until I realized when I was about “18” when my father died that submission is “being supportive in ax extremely humble manner where you digress from opposition completely.”

Once I learned that being submissive = supportive didn’t take anything from me, especially in regards to supporting my man, well now my husband; I actually learned that it added to me.

It gave me a stronger sense of self when I accepted that there was no need to “try and do things as a man does” or to “outdo a man” simply for the purpose of saying “I did this.”

I’m an executor by nature. Again, I labeled myself #HBIC at 7 years old and will maintain that title and capacity until I breathe my last breath!



#Candid “Black/African Americans Consumed by Consumerism Pt. 2” Are you more focused on the here and now, than the future?

“How many of you have at least what you’ve invested into your child’s wardrobe, electronics, being their friend and prom” SAVED towards their college fund, becoming an adult getting their own place fund, their funeral expenses (because your child isn’t guaranteed to make it to adulthood), etc many of us weren’t  guaranteed it;  so that should be where the money is really being spent on.

SOME Black folks are always trying to “appear to be living a life” they have NO ambition on actually attaining!! 

The few Blacks who are actually “rich not only financially but in character” have a entirely different perspective and behaviors towards life. They don’t spend “excessively” on clothing etc trying to impress others!

Their success impresses others and their “wardrobe, accessories, homes, cars, etc” are simply “things that make them comfortable and proud of their success!”

However I know “rich” people who live quite modestly because they know the true value of a dollar and they are more in tune with the corruption and distractions that consumerism causes than all you claiming to be “ballers and bosses!”

My son is “oblivious” to consumerism. It has NOTHING to do with the fact he’s diagnosed with Autism but it has everything to do with “his upbringing!” My son is being raised to be modest and humble at all times, however he’s encouraged “to live and enjoy himself” without being ostentatious!

He isn’t into Jordans, KD’s, etc he doesn’t even know who they are really! LMAO He knows who Bradley Beal is though! He knows who Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali are though. He can tell you about Benjamin Franklin and many more.

I encourage us as a people to STOP influencing and encouraging “these appearances” and start “enforcing” educational requirements, basic life skills, job readiness skills, career preparation skills, socialism, and more!

Let’s STOP allowing “labels” to give or take away confidence! STOP allowing “labels” to indicate where you are in life! STOP rewarding “ignorance” with gifts that further breed their ignorance, disrespect, false sense of entitlement and procrastination. Let’s STOP looking to obtain things and let’s actually “MAINTAIN” our lives within our lifestyles.

I want to see more homeowners that are regular people (making over 15,000 yearly but under 75,000 yearly)! I want to see more college graduates! I want to see more of our children “wanting and inquiring about entrepreneurship and internship opportunities!” I want our children to have trust funds! I want us to teach our young men and women the importance of respecting and embracing each other within our culture.

That’s all for now.


#PSA #Autism Sleeping patterns, sensory overloads, and growth spurts


Above please see the pictures of #Jr #Autism #Gemini.

He’s slept “late” meaning way past 5:30am for the past two days. Now the past two days he’s experienced “sensory overloads.” Which are directly related to the “brightness of the sun, the tones and volumes on the tv, tablet, etc.

Due to an incident that occurred on Saturday, my tone of voice and disciplinarian actions/volumes also caused a sensory overload. 

Jr’s also been staying up late for the last week, because he’s on Spring Break. Now that Spring Break is “nearing it’s end” it’s time to get him back on track. 

I have noticed that since “2010” diagnosis that he has growth spurts that don’t necessarily occur annually. He’s going through another growth spurt right now, because his teeth are coming in, he’s getting taller, he’s getting hair on his face, legs, arms, etc. He’s also expanding his vocabulary and thought processes. 

I have to make conscious decisions to “force Jr down to nap.” He needs to nap because as he get’s older the sensory issues seem to get better and not as irritating, however “the energy that he exerts to suppress the irritation or to self soothe” still drains him and he needs rest like any other person with #SpecialNeeds to rejuvenate!

I have also revised his “recreation time” in the house so that’s it’s broken down into intervals. He uses the computer, the tablet, watches tv, reads books, free plays with his father primarily and myself secondarily, in addition we go outside and allow him to free play and play structured activities also.

His “naps or sleeping late” are meditative therapy for Jr. It works. I find that “everytime” he’s rejuvenated he’s more “alert, aware and accountable” overall! 

I’m currently “planning” to expand his recreational and educational activities to give him more balance and more structure at the same time. 

He needs more educational activities to stimulate and increase his intellectual capacity and curiosities, in addition to recreational activities to exert the abundance of energy he has that he uses primarily for “stemming or self soothing” behaviors to maintain his composure especially in a restricted environment like school, church, etc. 

He’s currently playing on the tablet as I’m blogging. Once he comes back upstairs since he’d slept so late, he’ll be allowed to watch tv. 

To my surprise and joy, he LOVES watching WETA Kids on his own. He LOVES “Sid the Science Kid, Caillou, WordGirl, etc” and those are the “educational activities” that stimulate and increase his intellectual capacity and curiosities. 

I must reluctantly admit that he does also enjoy “Boondocks, Family Guy, American Dad etc” it actually helps with that stemming and self soothing that he does, because it allows him to “be himself uninhibited” and that his father and I really enjoy; despite the fact that we have to “explain to him” the things that “he already knows” but doesn’t quite comprehend are inappropriate and not at all age appropriate. 

I always tell Jr those shows are your version of Mommy’s wine! We both LOL

I’m grateful for the times when Jr’s resting “Well!” I enjoy seeing him resting because I know that he needs it. I encourage parents to incorporate “napping” into their child’s schedule, especially the older they get. 

Growing up with Bipolar Disorders and recently being given an additional diagnosis of PTSD; I’ve learned to appreciate a “nap” here and there because it really helps protect and maintain not only your mental health but your overall physical health as well! 

For tips on creating or revising your schedules, making visual supports, creating activities, etc. Please feel free to email me at: tiffanyatsunshine@gmail.com also feel free to text me (202) 681-6244. Please include at the very least, your first name “or your preferred name. 

Understand all inquiries etc, will be responded to “no later than 48 hours” from the time of receipt. 

Remember my motto and keep the faith and keep pressing forward. 

“Autism isn’t a disability, it’s the ability to see and experience the world differently!” 


#CANDID: Google Me Once, Google Me Twice, I’m happy to know “I’m the constant search query” in your life!


Since everyone “keeps Googling my name” how about you “narrow your results” let me assist you with that…#HBIC #VIRGO #TIFFANY and 
 are most popular hashtags to assist you in “prying into my life!”

Better still why don’t “those who have the actual gal reach out directly to me (202) 681-6244” and ask me all your questions or vent all your frustrations!

What are you cunts and lame dudes going to do once Google updates their features to report the IP Address from which you’re searching me from?

IJS what would you like to know? I can help you! Don’t ask my neighbor (Google) come to me! 

At first, I thought “oh wow!” I’m being “Googled” especially after my Tweet (please see below):

OWN Viewers <ownviewers@harpostudios.com>

Feb 6

to me
 Hi Tiffany!
Thanks for getting back to us! We are interested in using your tweet in an on-air promo in regards to OWN‘s programming. Below is the tweet(s) we hope to use:
“#LoveThyNeighbor great family oriented, southern hospitality humor. ♥ ♥ I’m looking forward to seeing more!”

started being used by the OWN TV Network as promotion for the Tyler Perry show aired on her network “#LoveThyNeighbor” I thought “great” I’m famous now LOL I mean you must be famous when folks start Googling!

Now, it’s a tad irritating because I receive emails “throughout the day” from Google informing me that “my name was Googled again!” It’s increased and expanded because many of you are now Googling my son and my husband’s name!

What’s the sickest part of it all is that I’m 90% certain via my ESP that it’s “people we knew = excommunicated from” who have no other means = portals into our lives and this is their only recourse, because they aren’t bold enough to approach us in real life with their fake asses.

The remaining 10% is the general public who has seen my name, blog, etc online and are intrigued but would like to know more about me, my background, my credentials and more.

Now, I’ve had “numerous” profiles removed online. The only information that’s available to you is “blog related” anything else you won’t get.

I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t have any real estate that’s had a lien, etc on it. I don’t currently have any additional “investments or properties” that are “public record!”

Again, if you’re looking for some detailed information, why not contact me directly? Especially if there’s some financial gain involved! Let’s write this book. Let’s make this movie. Have me come out and be a public speaker.

But don’t try and be sneaky.

Don’t try and “find dirt on me” because I have told people before looking for dirt on me, your ignorant ass is so busy digging that you don’t realize your ass is standing in the very hole you attempted to dig for and throw me in!