#Candid… “Females, stop being selfish, stubborn and snobbish and start being submissive = supportive!” #Relationships #Communication #Longevity #Success

*from 4 years ago, time, date, etc unknown*

Most females are fake as shit.

They’re little girls “to their core” who throw tantrums and indulge in juvenile antics!

They’ll use their kids to instigate their antics and spy on their behalf.

They’re never to blame.

The story is usually: The man isn’t doing her right, yet she’s physically and financially abusing him and people in his family etc it’s a mess, I’m livid so fuck them all.

Now to lay my “cards” (reality) on the table, I’m NOT pleased with myself because I must be mindful of my  “underlying intentions, actions, and reactions; while watching my words, the context in which I use them in and my tone.”

I’ve noticed my husband let’s it roll off his shoulders but the irritation lies in his eyes.

The pain is felt with his distance at times.

I’m hurting him.

I believe some things I’ve said and done honestly disgust him, despite my justification or the truth I’ve spoken; but his love for me and belief in my potential allows him to endure.

“this is my opinion” he MAY feel differently.

Some people “are” creatures of habit you know, but I digress!

I’m allowing my son to witness it then I feel bad or end up correcting Jr for something similar or for disrespecting his father and that’s fake.

I can’t be fake.

I have to be real.

To be real, every moment of everyday I remain conscious of my words the context I’m using them in and my tone because my husband does that with me. I can tell by him taking deep breaths in, long pauses etc.

Back to my initial point though, I don’t like a conniving cunt. ALWAYS wanting her way.

NEVER submitting = being supportive of her man and the greater good.

Oh selfish cunts.

They want oral sex, sex, anal sex, etc though.

These whores want their pockets lined, though don’t they? But won’t compromise to save their, their children’s, their loved ones lives etc from misery Smh

But no… Females would rather “go in” simply because she’s pissed.  That’s little girl style. Not a woman.

Women are humble. Women use their words more than they acknowledge their emotions.

Females “girls” don’t understand a man needs a decent supportive spouse that “eases his stress” versus adding to it. A woman who supports his dreams especially when she disagrees because that might be his saving grace; his destiny.

Not always thinking what you want is right or what he’s capable of giving, it applies vice versa.

Women understand its about “support” not domination.

Girls on the other hand, view support as submission and submission is negative. Not comprehending that to be submissive is to be supportive. Supporting someone isn’t always about “having control or receiving recognition.”

Sometimes it’s simply about being the beam that the building is standing on that everyone passes by and never notices, but is fully aware is there securing the building in which they occupy.

It’s okay to “stay at home and tend to the children.” With all the things that are happening in the world it’s nice to see “domesticated, housewives!”

I am pursuing my own entrepreneurial endeavors however it’s based around “my life as a mother primarily and wife secondarily.” Being a mother is permanent and although being a wife should be, in today’s world, that’s unrealistic to “assume” that it will be.

However, I’m seeing such an “increase” in the amount of “single, independent, money hungry, label obsessed, etc” types of females that I’m not certain if women like myself who seek to live a life loosely based on the word of God, will stand a fighting chance.

I’ve gone under extreme scrutiny on a the few jobs I’ve had since becoming a mother and a wife. My “primary responsibilities” were always questioned. My supervisors were always “complementing my work” yet “disregarding” my “REAL LIFE!”

Working for a company is a “small piece” to the huge puzzle of my life!

I used to view the word “submission” in a negative light, until I realized when I was about “18” when my father died that submission is “being supportive in ax extremely humble manner where you digress from opposition completely.”

Once I learned that being submissive = supportive didn’t take anything from me, especially in regards to supporting my man, well now my husband; I actually learned that it added to me.

It gave me a stronger sense of self when I accepted that there was no need to “try and do things as a man does” or to “outdo a man” simply for the purpose of saying “I did this.”

I’m an executor by nature. Again, I labeled myself #HBIC at 7 years old and will maintain that title and capacity until I breathe my last breath!



“Candid: Let the blessings, grace and mercy of God define you; not anyone or anything else!”


As I’m reflecting, I’m thankful for everyone who has, is and will continue to “doubt, defame, and disrespect me!”

It’s hilarious and pathetic how the same people who have “claimed” to love me, actually hate and wish bad for and on me.

It reminds me of a quote “everyone loves you until you become the competition!”

I’ve had so many people tell me things like: “you’re just like your mother; you aren’t shit; you’re a snake in the grass; bitch you’re crazy; when I met you, you were a bum bitch; you’re not on my level; you owe me because I made you; without me you’re nothing; I’m the best thing you ever had; those dudes never wanted you, you were a whore; you’ll never live to grow old; you’ll never change, etc”

Now it will shock you to know that a lot of people especially those I’ve been closet to have said these things to me.

These people really “believe” they know me better than my father God who created me and better than I know myself.

Sidebar: I love how great God has been to me!

I’m appalled but simultaneously relieved by a very close person to me saying: “what they’ve had, you’ll NEVER have!” Wow! Talk about a smack in the face! That in addition to the bullshit this ignorant arrogant ass person has already said to me, just showed me “how they really feel and think in regards to me!”

One thing I don’t want to hear is your bullshit “clarifications or justifications” as to why you’ve defamed, disrespected and doubted me ALL while benefitting from me!

What is even funnier is that “these people” aren’t doing “that great themselves!”

I mean these people are “clearly” a product of their environment and decisions which is consistent with their arrogance and ignorance. They have several failed relationships, lost opportunities, financial hindrances, broken families  and more.

Yet they think “they’re good, they know what the future holds, etc”

Don’t ever “believe” a person trying to “beat you down or talk down to or about you” when they’re sitting across or beside you. Laugh at that ignorant motherfucker!

Sidebar: if a person is saying how “above you” they were and are, please remind me them “it’s a mirage!”

I was livid earlier because I couldn’t and still don’t believe the bullshit I heard.

However, because of who it came from and their current life status, I accepted that this person and people like that person are “jokes to be laughed at!”

From where I’m praying, I see the big picture.

Most of you trying to “knock me down” are already laying curbside in your 4th quarter of life, down to 1 minute trying to make every play count!

I’ve seen “your potential” already be “maxed” out Lmao

I, however have many years to go to “maximize on my full potential!”

So, I encourage you “know it all” to please keep “defaming, disrespecting, and doubting me, all the while benefitting; because I can’t wait to see the look on your face, when I rise above this!
You didn’t think I’d make it here!
I did!

I made it “not because of your money, clothes, cars, etc” I made it because of God!

See God gives me the “breath” I need to breath as he does you. God gives me the strength I need to proceed, as he does you. God comforts me in my times of despair. God disciplines me in my time of rebellion or tantrum.

I’m glad to know “you are ignorant enough to believe” that you did all this for me, as if God didn’t bless both of us.

Regardless of “who” has or spent what, what does materialistic have over character? Not a got damned thing!

My character has, is, and will go further than your “previous reputation, materialistic, and money has ever taken you, especially since you’re presently “along my side” which means youre on my level contrary to your “interpretation of yourself!”

Before I finish, another reason I Lmao is because if “all” these people have made me why haven’t they “remade” themselves by now?

Why haven’t they risen above their circumstances?

Why are they still in my presence struggling to let go?

Why are they still taking from me if I’m beneath them?

God has his hand on them. He controls everything. Until these people “lean not to their own understanding” God will strike them down continuously.

Be careful how you feel, think and speak to those close to you; your hate for them will block a blessing for you. Your love for them will reap a blessing for you.

If a person is like these I’ve described, then do you and ignore them. Whether you leave your situation or not, what is meant for you “no man can put asunder!”

So I know where we stand. Trust me… There’s no love lost, only a deeper understanding was gained!

Remember my motto: “People in your life will either be a ‘stepping stone, speed bump, or a road block’ ALWAYS REMAIN impenetrable & unstoppable” #HBIC 👑