Turning Motive into Motivation

Originally Posted Sunday, October 20, 2013


In life, we all have a “motive” which is something that causes a person to act in a certain way, do a certain thing; etc.; incentive. However, we don’t always have the “motivation” necessary to manifest the benefits (attainment of success) behind the motive(s).

When thinking of your motive to succeed, always think about the pros and cons so that you can plan, become and remain motivated while execute accordingly.

See the examples below of what my pros and cons are behind my motives. These can happen based on my ability to turn my motive into motivation. Failure is not an option. My success is inevitable. I am #Tiffany #HBIC #Virgo and I approve this message!


Motive to Motivation Sun Oct 20 2013



Remaining motivated despite your circumstances or accomplishments is indicative of basic logic and confidence. You must “know” your potential and “know” your ability to maximize on it fully. You must also “know” your weaknesses and how they can negatively impact you, but also positively improve and reinforce you throughout your pursuit of success. 

Remaining motivated will also help you maintain your success, once you’ve attained it. 

Your strengths are there to empower you and others. You must use them to advance in the things that you “love” to do. If you’re pursuing a “career or interest” that isn’t in a field or industry that you “love;” you’re selling yourself short, because you aren’t maximizing on your full potential. 

Meanwhile, you’re assisting someone else maximize on theirs. Does it make sense? Suppressing yourself, while uplifting someone else? 

No. So stop. Or continue having the appearance of happiness, with the reality of overcompensation and suppression. 

When you’ve accomplished things in your life, I believe you’re morally obligated to at least “teach” someone else, especially someone close to you how to accomplish those or similar things as well. 

Everyone that has a “motive” doesn’t always have the “motivation” to execute. I understand…. that’s not your problem and they aren’t your responsibility; however, if you’ve been blessed, would it really hurt you to bless someone else? Especially if it doesn’t cost you anything, but giving some of your time while sharing your knowledge and expertise. 

We all are “expertise” in something. 

Keep in mind that when I refer to “teaching” someone, I’m not saying “enable” them. I’m definitely NOT telling you to do it for them. I’m referring to teaching them only, either directly in an instructional method or by leading by example. 

Your weaknesses are there to always “challenge” you. Those are the things in life that we usually ignore, suppress, or blatantly overcompensate for. We rarely, if ever, “address and improve” those weaknesses within reason and our means. 

When we don’t acknowledge our weaknesses in an effort to improve them we subject ourselves to the possibility of them resurfacing in another area of our lives; and causing us damage in one form or another. 

Once we acknowledge and address them, we are able to overcome the possibility of depression or extremely regretful decisions. 

Then our blessings will be immeasurable. 

We will change our lives, and the lives of others. That’s success. That’s turning your “motive to motivation.” Once you’ve done that, you’ve reached success! 

God has put people in your life on purpose so you can be a blessing to them. Don’t live to get, live to give.